Monday, 3 March 2014

March. (for lack of a better title)

It's March! Where did February go, right? March marks the start of Spring, the start of our wedding-anniversary-month and the start of our mum-and-dad's-visit-countdown! (31 days til touch-down!)

Saturday morning we started with some Spring Cleaning at Central, the cafe where I'm a part of the team that gives free home-work help to kids here in Richtsberg. We got it done really quickly, and then Malcolm and I headed into town to the flea-market. While there was a great chess-table that interested Malcolm, and plenty of old and interesting things for me, we didn't find any old pots for pot plants, which is actually what we were after.
But, with it being Fasching weekend, we did come across a marching band heading out of the Oberstadt.

marching band steinweg

In the Oberstadt market it was also wonderful to see all the Spring flowers for sale. I had no idea that tulips come in so many different colours! 

flower market marburg

Now feeling extra-inspired, we went to a shop to buy pots and seeds and soil, and, once home, planted them.

While the packets quite clearly stated that most seeds needed to be about 20cm apart, we threw the rule-book out the window and just scattered them. It's more natural that way, right?
They're on our windowsill now, but we'll move them outside when it's a little warmer and they've germinated. Then at some point, we'll have snap-dragons, some kind of bush, 'studentenblumen', whatever they are, some other kind of flower, and beans. You can tell how knowledgeable and precise I am when it comes to gardening.

On Sunday we were going to the afternoon church service in Central, so, with the beautifully sunny weather (for the most part), we decided to go for a walk along the Lahn, starting at the Hauptbahnhoff, and catching a bus back home at the Sudbahnhoff.

We were surprised to come across a beach... probably about 20m long. Not as cool as the beach we found in Cologne, but it holds some potential. I don't know if the ducks ever left for the winter, because we sort of stopped paying attention to them due to their ubiquity. But it was nice to stop and watch them for a while. Also, while the photos I post often tend to paint Marburg as pretty picture-perfect, there are areas with graffiti and it's not always fairy-tale-land. No city ever is, is it?

early spring

river-bank house

These houses right on the banks look rather adventurous. While fishing from the balcony could be convenient, some of them look rather precarious. 

That completes our highlight-roll of our weekend - full of excitement for and enjoyment of the season. But, before I finish off, a song that I needed to translate this last week is playing on repeat at the moment. It's so good for the start of a new week. "Lege deine Sorge nieder". 



  1. The colors of those flowers look so bright and cheery!! Our area has a Tulip Festival every year--it's tulips galore, in ever color imaginable. Pretty fun!

  2. the spring flowers and tulips make me pretty excited for spring in minneapolis! so gorgeous :) and keep searching for those pots - you're going to need them for all the fresh blooms. oooh, and let the countdown begin!

  3. Studentenblumen looks like they are Marigolds, or in local taal, "stinkafrikaners"! Love all the colours of the tulips.

  4. It is so exciting! I love that they're on the windowsill so when we sit down to eat, they're right there to watch :)

  5. I had no idea! In my mind tulips are yellow. The tulip festival sounds so pretty!

  6. They are just beautiful! And yes, we're watching out for more pots... we have such a big outdoor area that can be filled with pots and flowers :)

  7. I thought they might be... lets hope they grow and smell pretty :) The tulips' colours are great - was so tempting to buy a whole lot!

  8. Those flowers look pretty, I hope they grow well for you!

    Speaking of your time in Cologne, I actually just posted an article on Cologne Cathedral. I would love for you to give your suggestions for what you'd do in a single afternoon in Cologne on the post since we only had time to explore the church but would love to return.

  9. Ooh this comment made me so happy, I headed straight over and loved it! I replied there, but here's a post I wrote on Cologne in a day, though there's really so much more one can do!