Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Fish Cakes

Malcolm has often spoken fondly of the fish cakes his dad used to make. Mum used to buy fish cakes now and then, and I went through phases of love and hate with them.

Buuuut... as my recipes here are never quite what they may seem, the good news is that anybody can enjoy these fish-cakes, even if you don't like fish. Because they contain 0% fish.

tuna tin-can cupcakes

The brilliant thing about moving house, is that one realises that one can live without and make do without many things that previously seemed essential. For example, we still haven't bought a drying rack for our dishes, nor have we got a can opener. Or a grater. (I use the can opener on my pocket knife, and we buy cheese ready-grated if we need it...)

One other thing that I'm yet to buy, is a cupcake tin. But, necessity is indeed the mother of invention. I was baking a cake this last weekend when three things struck me:
1. I had made too much batter.
2. I felt like eating chocolate cake that afternoon, while the cake for the next day was going to be berry.
3. How will I know that the berry cake worked out okay, if I can't test it in advance?

The three observations above are all wonderful reasons to make some extra cupcakes. However, as mentioned, I have no cupcake tins.
Not to be defeated, though, I remembered some bread that used to be sold at our church-bazaar which had been baked in some kind of tin-can. I also remembered mum using large tuna-tins to bake bread or mini-cakes in.

A rummage in the cupboard brought forth 4 clean and empty tuna tins.

I set some of the batter apart and mixed in come chocolate and cocoa, and mixed berries into the rest. Then, once the cake-tin was filled, I poured the rest of the berry-batter into two of these tins, and the chocolate mixture into the other two. This solved the too-much-batter-situation, satisfied my longing for chocolate-cake, and I could test the berry cake before serving it to others.

They are best eaten out of the tins, as the ridge prevents them from being easily turned out... though using a can opener instead of a pull-tab should solve this. Plus, I like tuna tins because there aren't any ridges along them but rather they have smooth sides. Fortunately, the tins can easily be decorated AFTER being in the oven, if they need to look pretty.

And there you have it. Simple cup fish-tin-cakes.


  1. Those would actually be really cute to tie some ribbons on if you're going to a dinner or party!!

  2. when I saw "fish cakes" I was a little skeptical ... but these look awesome!

  3. Glad some childhood memories come in useful. :) Large tuna tin Christmas cakes are wonderful presents for single/elderly people. The tall tins (baked beans) make lovely round bread, very useful for canapés and starters.

  4. I agree! And what's cool is that one can give the tin away with the cake inside it even.

  5. Hahaha... well, if it were fish in a cake, I'd be pretty skeptical too!

  6. I also still remember what you used to call that bread ;)

  7. Definitely! I may have to steal this!! No one would ever even know they're tuna cans!! :)

  8. Ja reg, ons werk hier met kos! :)

  9. I don't love fish, but a fish cake I could get used to! :)

  10. Haha, as long as there's no fish, it's perfect :D