Saturday, 22 February 2014

Wedding Flashback: Lies and Deception

A year ago today, a month before getting married, Malcolm and I were sneaking and lying to each other. Saying we had plans with friends when we didn't, and hiding belongings to force delays. 

Yep, the day of my Kitchen Tea and his Bachelor's Party. 

I knew what was being planned for Malcolm's bachelor's party, as my brother was helping to organise it. He told me the date and I assured him Malcolm was available. Then, after work one day, when Malcolm came to visit me, he announced that he was being sent away for work over that weekend. Quick sms to my brother, and they needed to change the date.

Meanwhile, I was moping about the fact that I probably wouldn't have anything special because my bridesmaids live so far away and I was in a different city to my mom and mom-in-law. I'm still a little disappointed that so many things I had imagined doing with my mum, like going to dress-fittings, I needed to do alone. But, there were plenty of subsequent special moments to make up for it. Nevertheless, Malcolm picked up on my gloominess, and was a big coordinator for organising my kitchen tea... definitely not traditional, but so sweet! After some consideration, they chose to have it for me at the home of family friends, Liesl and Doug, in whose garden-flat Malcolm was living at the time.

Eventually, the day of Malcolm's Bachelor's arrived. I knew he needed to be at his flat at a 10am, while he needed to get me to his flat at 10am. However, while I wanted him to get there early so he'd be ready to be kidnapped, he needed to get me there a little late so that everything would be prepared.

So he came over to me for breakfast. He said that he needed to meet with Liesl at 10am to go check out a flat she had heard of for after we were married. I was concerned because I knew his friends had other plans for him, but thought that it might be a trick organised by my brother to get him there, so I smsed her and confirmed that.

However, while he wanted me to come with, obviously to see the flat she spoke of, I didn't want to go with him because I knew that then I'd be stuck there without my car and not invited to his day out. So I said I was meeting Anabel, in town for the weekend, for coffee at 10am, even though I'd actually arranged with her for lunch. This got Malcolm worried because he thought she had forgotten about the Kitchen tea or had got the time wrong, so he secretly smsed her. Of course, because I'd lied, she had no idea what I was talking about and why I had said 10am. He let it slide, and we both tried to enjoy our breakfast despite all the frantic messaging and lying.

10am was coming, and I needed to hurry up and get Malcolm back to his flat to meet Liesl (or, as I knew better, to be kidnapped by his friends). He didn't know why I was hurrying him out the door, and he needed to delay me so that everybody would be there for my party. I was getting increasingly frustrated, and then, as we finally got out the door, Malcolm asked if I had my phone. No. He suggested it was in my room (while he had actually hidden it in the couch), so I went off to search for it. Then, when he thought I'd wasted enough time, he fished it out from between the couch cushions, and proclaimed he had found it. Off we went. Finally.

I insisted on driving my own car, so that I could just 'meet with Liesl briefly' and then 'go meet Anabel', and let Malcolm drive ahead of me. What followed was an agonising 2.5km drive as he crawled along at below 40km/hour, while I was feeling like I needed to get him there faster, and would've preferred to drive 60.
We eventually arrived, and as we drove into the gate, I realised there were far more cars than I had thought his friends would bring. Then I saw mum, and it clicked.

I had joked about having my own party with my cuddly toys, and there she was, with a whole arm-full of them from home. Then she took me into the house, and there were some of my favourite ladies.

I was quickly dressed up like some kind of princess-bride, while Malcolm's friends arrived and crowned him. We were both surprised!

Malcolm's friends whisked him off to enjoy a day learning to sword fight in armour, like my knight-in-armour that he is. Meanwhile, I enjoyed a morning of presents, cake, games and the company of special ladies in my life, before being paraded through the mall dressed like this, and then having my make-up done at the bodyshop.

I'm happy to report, that all the scheming did result in good days for both of us, and that despite all the lying and deception, we did go ahead with the wedding and, 11 months later, laugh at the very twisted stories and how they tie together. 


  1. That was a fun day. :D

  2. I agree :) Thanks for organising it for Malcolm, he definitely enjoyed it :)

  3. Aww!! So many lies, and so much fun so that it was all worth it! :)

  4. I think it taught a valuable lesson on how quickly lies can get very complicated! But, in this instance, it was so very worth it :)

  5. oh gosh, such a fun post -- you both look so happy! sign of a good match that you both planned something for the same time <3 great story!

  6. This is hilarious!!! What fun to look back on!

  7. Well, technically others planned it for us, and the day was just convenient as people could travel together, but it was such fun both being involved in the surprise for one another! :)

  8. Haha, thankfully it's cute to look back on, despite all the lies!

  9. Trying to figure it all out and what story we'd told why and who had planned what was so complicated! Really quite a web we created! :)