Monday, 17 February 2014

Valentines in a Valentines-less Land.

Valentines day is apparently not really a 'thing' here. Aww.

Throughout school we'd pay for the Valentines 'civvies day' and usually dress in the obligatory red or pink and white clothes for school that day, instead of uniform.

Exhibit A: Valentines day 2006 or 2007?
A committee of some kind, usually raising money for the Matric Dance, would sell roses, chocolate, teddy bears and mugs, and then deliver them anonymously on the special day. We'd hold our breaths as the delivery-person walked into our classroom and started handing out the goodies. Thank goodness mum taught at my highschool, so I was always assured of at least a rose! Thanks mum! (And Happy Birthday for yesterday, again!) 
Shops would be covered in Valentines day things, and TV would remind me of my single-status for many years. It was usually a fun day, though, and a good excuse to have chocolate.

Here, the only signs that it was Valentines day were the two men I saw with flowers, and the fact that the grocery shops in our area were sold out of just about anything with petals by 6:30pm.

However, in the spirit of celebrating love and holding fast to a wonderfully un-German holiday, we celebrated our first married Valentines Day.

It only really dawned on me that it was coming up on Thursday, so I baked Malcolm some cookies and fudge, and bought him some things to tie in with the card I made.

I was surprised on Friday morning while making our breakfast with a note in the kitchen, which was followed by other notes throughout the day, each with a word for the letters of my name. When I got home from Kinderclub in the evening, the last note was stuck on the doorhandle, and then a letter was stuck on the lounge door. When I opened the door, Malcolm was there to surprise me, looking all handsome, holding the last line of the letter, and a box of Lindt chocolate, in our lounge filled with candle light. This man knows how to melt my heart.

After we had our supper, we headed upstairs to friends and watched Love Actually together. It's one of my favourite movies, though I felt like a lot of humour was lost in translation.

Saturday morning we planned for Malcolm to get his hair cut and then to go for a walk up to Spiegelslustturm, with its huge florescent heart on it, to have a picnic lunch. However, the weather was looking dreary so we scratched that idea and are saving it for another day, and instead had our picnic in our lounge. With left over pizza from Friday night!

All in all, a pretty memorable and fun Valentines Day, where we got to unashamedly celebrate and enjoy being in love.

I hope that wherever and however you celebrated or ignored Valentines Day, that you know that you're loved by the Creator of the universe, and the ultimate Romancer. Nothing beats that.


  1. I think you guys managed to celebrate Valentine's in a Valentine's-less land in a lovely way :) It's kind of hard to believe that there are places who don't celebrate it when I live in a place that is so inundated by the holiday!

  2. Yeah, I noticed there was a lack of Germans celebrating valentines day here. Although when we went for dinner it was hard to book a table!

  3. It seems like they're secretly celebrating... like it's not really advertised but a few rebels book dinner and buy flowers ;)

  4. I was a little surprised actually, but holidays like Halloween and Valentines Day aren't big here at all. Thank goodness Christmas and all the other festivals make up for it :D

  5. what a lucky girl you are how - so sweet of malcom to surprise you with candlelight and chocolates (does it get any better?)

  6. It was really sweet of him, he clearly knows I'm a sucker for candlelight!

  7. Aww, the "kiss-ews" made me laugh....especially because Cashews are a favorite treat of Angel's.

  8. They're a favourite of Malcolm's too! I was going between "kiss-ews" and "caught-ews", until I finally settled on the less aggressive option ;) :)

  9. I'm glad you two were able to celebrate Valentine's Day, even if the country you're in doesn't. :-)

  10. It was nice to celebrate :) In a way I like that it isn't such a big deal here... it kind of takes away the big commercial side and makes it a more personal thing.