Monday, 3 February 2014

Our European Road Trip!

Our road trips used to involve a road, a car, dorritos, ice-cream-stops, the smell of petrol at stations, and sometimes getting a little lost.

Our road trip this weekend involved shoes, trail-mix, stops to catch our breath, and the smell of mossy trees. And a road. And getting a little lost. Some things don't change.

Although it's now considered a walk rather than a road-trip, there was a road. And this is Europe. So we did a European-road-trip. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Sunday morning was grey and dreary, but we felt like exploring to see what's on the other side of the forest. So Malcolm checked google maps and found a town 3.7 km away and the path there. I took a photo of the map and we set off.

We took the first wrong turn as soon as we got into the forest. We walked left for a little way, but it felt like we should go right. We knew that it was either right or left, but not wanting to take the chance at being wrong, we went straight, which we knew wasn't correct but it felt like the right direction at least. Go figure.

We headed along the path, which soon turned into slippery mud, but it was beautiful. The mist, the remaining snow, the empty trees.

schrock hiking: misty trees


As we neared the top of the hill, it got a little greener and clearings were covered in soft moss.


When we got to the top of the hill, we remembered that we had a GPS on our phones, and we realised we were quite far off. But, it was a down hill and we eventually found a sort of tarred road which we decided to follow. All roads lead to Schröck, right? And if we missed, then we'd hopefully land in Moischt.

We were SO happy to finally get out of the forest and into the farm-land. The sun had come out, and we could see Schröck and Moischt in the distance.

moischt marburg


We walked through the fields, and headed into town to see the church. Judging by the direction that we entered the town from, we must have walked at least 5km, and it took an hour and a half (all the back tracking, stopping to figure out where to go...).

The village looks very much like a farming village, and many houses had barns attached, and there were tractors parked all over. Some buildings were crumbling, but on the outskirts there were some newly built houses. The streets were deserted and it felt like we could be in some sort of horror-movie. You know, they always start off peaceful and unsuspecting.


church war memorial

We walked around the church yard, and were really surprised at the war-memorial... SO many names for such a small settlement.

Having seen what there was to see, we headed back out.

Our GPS was working a little better and we managed to get back a lot faster than it took us to get there, and it was nice enjoying the sunshine. 


  1. It's lovely to be able to get out for a walk. I don't mind the cold if it's bright! You didn't get lost in the end. : )

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  2. You're right, a "European Road Trip" sounds very exciting, indeed! :) But your day out and walk on the roads through the woods looks like a gorgeous adventure!

  3. Oh my, what an amazing "road trip"! I love your photos of the woods. It makes me wish I lived closer to any forest of any sort--I just live in a very flat, non forested place :)

  4. What beautiful pictures! The forest looks so lovely.

  5. Fun road trip!! Love the second photos, of the trees! Beautiful!

  6. all your pictures are gorgeous, but the view of Schröck and Moischt in the distance is stunning - it looks like a dream :)

  7. Sounds like such a fun adventure!

  8. Such pretty skies. Yes, it is a bit sad to see all the war memorials and think how staggering the losses were from WWI and WWII, especially in Germany.

  9. Gosh. I feel like things are WAY more beautiful there then in the US! Such awesome pics you guys got!

  10. The first thing that I thought when I looked at your pictures was 'This is Germany!' - I can't properly explain it, but everything just looks so German! :) Love your road trip explanation! ;)

  11. It sounds like you two had such a beautiful little road trip! Those trees are SO tall!

  12. I LOVE hiking around Germany! There's so many areas to explore, you guys picked a beautiful one :)