Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Noteworthy moments lately

I've been MIA for a little while... and the only reminder that I have this blog are all the spam messages coming through all the time. 
(Anybody want to enlighten me how to stop spamming-sites getting to me? Is it possible?)
But, I've been feeling much like a responsible and productive adult lately... this seems to come in waves, but they do make me feel rather accomplished.

Some of my noteworthy moments...

- getting my first student to tutor, starting next week.

- studying English. Because I'm really quite scared about teaching it!

- playing travel-agent for my parents when they visit. It's actually rather fun to search through all the options and figure out the cheapest transport.

- getting a credit card. And a savings account. Okay, these are actually in Malcolm's name, but we're a team. Finally we can stop storing our savings in envelopes sticky-taped under various surfaces. Although using the "Sparbuch" really doesn't seem like much of a step up, it's at least safer.

- setting up internet banking. I've been terrified to do this in case I accidentally click something and make our money disappear. (There's no English option on the banking site)

- making my second-ever phone call in German to book an appointment.

- reading the Great Gatsby and the Catcher in the Rye in the same week. The advantages of having access to a somewhat outdated English section at the library is that I can read classics I've never bothered with.

- going to scary offices for all sorts of things involving much paper work and signatures. Even though one such adventure proved fruitless as the office moved 2 years ago and the website hasn't been updated, I'm happy to be overcoming my fear of offices.

- following a bit of politics. Oh man, South African politics is interesting, but confusing some times. Related to this...

- keeping tabs on election dates and announcements so that we'll have everything in order to vote. Really, travelling to Berlin makes me think that waiting in a queue on voting day when the station was a km away from home is totally not so bad. South African friends, when you're bored in a queue for an hour, think of us over here needing to travel 8 hours each way to cast our ballot. Thankful that we have the privilege though!

- having collected change from the bank and now being able to do laundry Whenever. I. Want. Booyeah!

- resisting all the easter eggs that are on sale. Ok, not all, I caved and bought one bag of waffeleier.

- not crying like a teenage-Erica when Malcolm scheduled his dentist appointment for early Friday Valentines-Day-Morning. I mean, breakfast in bed will not be happening, but life goes on.

See? I'm getting the hang of this whole adult-world-thing.
That doesn't mean we haven't been having fun though. In the midst of this there have been coffee-and-cake-gatherings, treats in our post-box, celebrating the semester with the Internationale Kreis, and so on. Really living a very blessed life!


  1. A student to tutor, how exciting! You will do great.

  2. dang girl, you've got a lot going on! I can't even imagine figuring banking out in another country, I would totally be afraid of clicking something wrong too!

    I hope yall have a wonderful Valentine's Day (despite the dentist). :)

    Also, I've never learned how to get the spamming to stop, so if you find out, I'd love to know!

  3. I'm getting a ton of spam too!

  4. If you turn off anonymous comments you will get hardly any spam. I did it and it's been wonderful!!! :-)

  5. how fun that your parents are coming -- you must be really excited :) and your tutoring? so neat - i actually signed up to be a volunteer tutor just this week :)

  6. Yeah, like Susannah said, turning on the anonymous option helps a lot, but even with that off, I've still been getting unusual amounts of spam comments lately, while I never used to get them!
    And I still need to get around to getting a credit card. We actually have a whole bunch of grown-up-ish type stuff on our lists to do right now with banking and all that boring office stuff. It's not the most fun but it feels good to have crossed off the list!

  7. Sounds like you're settling in!
    I highly recommend using Disqus for your comments. It is quite easy to install and I hardly get any spam anymore. Plus, it makes it easier to reply to commenters and then they get an email that you've responded. It really increases your interaction with your readers!

  8. Saxon @ Let's Drink Coffee, Da18 February 2014 at 23:57

    Girl you are accomplished! I still have not gotten a credit seems so complicated.

    I see you did install Disqus. You'll have to let me know if it was very hard to install and if it helps reduce your spam comments!