Saturday, 19 October 2013

Week Recap: Making it home.

This last week wasn't incredibly exciting... Though I enjoyed it because our apartment is becoming home-y. Since the carpet, we've got a few more things that make things a little warmer and cosier. The money we got for our wedding has been SUCH a blessing and has allowed us to set things up here really nicely. We're also hoping to be reunited with our other wedding presents sooner or later :) But really, I've been wanting to 'nest' since we got married, and finally have the chance, and the means, to do so now. And it's been such fun! Not only buying mundane and boring things like dust pans and laundry racks, but pretty cushions and flowers too.

So, remember how our lounge looked before? Well, here's "after", or as it is right now.

I'm pretty happy with it! A big picture frame above the couch and above the candles on the side-board are on our dream-list still... I just can't find any I like in Marburg. Also, a lamp between the couch and the dining-table would be pretty. But, we'll get there! And then we'll move onto the bedroom and kitchen, both of which still look much the same.

Other than that, we also celebrated Malcolm's dad's Birthday on the 16th... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dad!


  1. That's starting to look cozy!! (even if the shelves are still slightly empty...shelves have a tendency to fill up quickly). I like the pillows on your couch!

    1. Haha, yes I keep telling myself that I don't need to fill them intentionally, they'll do it naturally ;) Although, I am allowed to borrow books from the library for 4 weeks so I could have a rotating display :D