Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Snapshots #1

Today is 7 months since we got married. Am I the only one who is afraid to forget special details? 
There are so many little moments that make up significant ones, and they’re so precious.

So, today I'm writing down just a few of the things I don’t want to forget about our wedding day, from waking up until the ceremony...

-          Waking up way earlier than planned, and mum bringing me a cup of coffee and a rusk, and sitting in bed with me chatting.
-          The fact that I had a list of things that I remembered as I was falling asleep that I wanted to check. “Mum, do we have tea-bags???”
-          The feeling of calm as Charne did my makeup, Ani and Cara were packing my stuff, and mum and Cara-Lee were enticing Ruby to my shoes.
-          Slipping on mum’s wedding shoes, but this time as a real bride.
-          Stopping by the reception place and seeing the lanterns hanging, and really wandering how Lindsay did it?
-          Arriving at the church and calling mum over because I felt like my dress was doing something weird.
-          The bells ringing and ringing and ringing and me not knowing when to walk in.
-          Walking down the aisle with daddy, and seeing all the smiley faces, and then Malcolm’s.
-          That Jeremy called Malcolm a “tungsten hunk” and that the message he spoke was an analogy to dirty digging machines. I was the diamond, Malcolm was the tough stuff, I forgot the rest.
-          That one of the flowers on Malcolm’s lapel was loose and the whole time I really wanted to fix it.
-          Not knowing until the moment which finger I was going to put Malcolm’s ring on... left or right?
-          The moment of the first kiss, and then feeling bad for getting makeup on Malcolm’s suit.
-          Holy Communion as husband and wife, our first act as a married couple, honouring the One who made it possible, and who we represent - man and wife ; Christ and His bride. 
-          The fact that we were both teary-eyed and my nose was running and I SO badly wanted to use the cloth that was by the communion-stuff as a tissue.
-          Listening to Wolfgang play “the sweetheart tree” as everybody left the church, and it was only us left.
-          Exiting the church and realising that my dress was a great petal-trap.
-          The giddiness and excitement of being congratulated, and losing my husband in the crowd in the process. 

      Really, it was the perfect day. Maybe next week I'll carry on, with snap-shot moments in my mind from the reception :) 


  1. :) Yes, write down all these moments before they're forgotten!

    1. I could just write them somewhere else, I guess, but they fit on the blog quite nicely, I think :)

  2. This is very sweet!
    I wrote a similar post to this because I know I would never remember stuff like that :)
    And I always am so worried about getting makeup on Matthew every time we're in our church clothes and he wants a kiss :)

    1. It's the little things that can so easily be forgotten, I don't want to think back one day and not be able to remember what song was playing when we left the church, even if it doesn't actually matter.
      I hate that about makeup, it just gets everywhere and rubs off so easily!

  3. This is absolutely beautiful!

  4. such a lovely lovely day, and so sweet that it started out chatting with your mom in bed (my wedding day did too) happy 8 months!

    1. It was just a great day, and from start to finish it was special :)

  5. beautiful photos and memories!! Your dress is perfection!

    1. Aw thanks! What I loved most about my dress was how comfy it was! (ok and it had pretty lace and frills)