Saturday, 19 October 2013

Our first weekend in Marburg

Friday the 4th: Friday Malcolm needed to meet his supervisor for the first time. I insisted again that we wake up early so that we could get internet sorted out, but our hausmeister was out and we didn’t. So we sat around waiting for 10am when Malcolm would get picked up by Jorg. It was exciting and I was nervous for Malcolm, and I felt quite pathetic because I didn’t want to say goodbye –after being together 24/7 for the last week, it was strange that he was heading off, while I had to be brave and also face the adult world. In German.

So Malcolm left, and soon after I headed off to try sort out the electricity and heating. The office is far out and off the map, so I didn’t realise there was a bus running there, but it only comes every hour so it would have taken forever anyway. So I walked about a km and a half, feeling like I was walking out of town, hoping that the stadtwerk would indeed be at the end of the road. I was thankful that it was, and I was helped by a really friendly lady who explained everything (I hope) really clearly and slowly in German. I signed the contract and we’ll see in April next year how much we actually use. Scary.
I then went to the Studentenwerk to try give them our marriage certificate seeing as we didn’t have it with us the last time, but there was such a long queue that I just left it. Instead, I went home and managed to find the hausmeister just before his office hours are over, and, fortunately, the internet-guy was with him so I could make an appointment for him to come by.

I went back out to do grocery shopping, and to buy a kettle. Despite the heavy bags, I also went in search of a double-bed sheet that would hopefully keep the mattresses together. Mission accomplished, I lugged everything back to the bus and came home again. Sheesh. The buses are quite frustrating because they run only every 30 minutes it seems, and they take a serious detour around our area before heading into the centre, so they take very long and are anything but convenient. They are also quite something for us to figure out because each line’s route isn’t marked clearly on the map. But, for now we shall have to rely on them!

We woke up to some pretty heavy rain and needed to go shopping – pillows and coathangers were next on the list. 

We went to the hauptbahnhof, just to see what was there, and after sitting at the bakery, we went down the street. We found pillows first, and then a shop with just about everything at pretty affordable prices. Again, a long wait for the bus, and we headed home. Somehow our bus stopped earlier than indicated and we found ourselves a few stops away from ours. I asked the bus driver if he was carrying on, and he told us to ask the other one, so we went to the other bus and he said to ask the other driver. While I’m sure that bus drivers also need entertainment and I’m sure it was amusing for them to chat about it on their radios, it was really frustrating and it just felt mean. So we ended up walking home. That afternoon was boring... Mal did work, I crocheted... I’m making Malcolm a scarf, I hope ;)

When we ‘anmelded’, we received a booklet of vouchers for various places in the town. One of the vouchers was for something (I think a book) at a church. So seeing as it was the only church we knew of, thanks to its advert and our lack of internet, we decided to go there. We followed some foresty paths down the hill, seeing some beautiful views, and eventually found the church, just as it was about to begin. 

The place really reminded me of NCF... the worship style, the kids section downstairs, and the dynamincs. It’s in a beautiful house overlooking the city, just like NCF North is planning. One difference is the approach to visitors... I always thought that asking visitors to raise their hand was asking a bit much – that it’s a little awkward for them. However, here visitors were asked to stand up, introduce themselves, and say where they’re from and what they’re doing in Marburg. Yikes. We could have opted not to do it and just find somebody afterwards, but for the sake of meeting people, we did it. I was so proud of Malcolm for speaking for us both, and his 4 months of German paid off for sure. We could also both understand the preacher, which was sort of surprising for us!
After the service we got some lunch there, and met a kind lady, Christina, who chatted to us and filled me in on some things I could attend to meet people. There’s also an active student group, which Malcolm could get involved with, though I’m not sure about me seeing as I sort of fall in the not-a-student-and-not-a-mom-with-a-baby-gap. Apparently having a baby is a good way to meet people and make friends. Can I borrow somebody’s baby for a couple weeks?

We hiked back from church (oh, the hills!), and my need for appropriate footwear was made evident to me. 


  1. the forest looks absolutely gorgeous - lucky girl :) and i know what you mean about separation anxiety after being constantly together for a while - it's the worst!

  2. It is! And it surrounds the whole town, and there's just about always a view of it :)