Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Moving Day

Tuesday I insisted that we wake up early so that we could make sure everything was done in time for Tante Ursel and Onkel Arno’s arrival sometime between 10 and 11. We had breakfast, packed last stuff, stacked our luggage in the entrance hall (strategically placing it so it would hopefully look like less), had a snack on the balcony, and got everything done by about 9. And then sat and waited, watching some TV seeing as we don’t know when next we’ll have the chance!

10am we went out so that we could easily be found. Onkel Arno and Tante Ursel arrived spot on 10, and we showed them around the flat. Onkel Arno was really impressed, while Tante Ursel was still recovering from the sight of all our bags and stuff. It was looking doubtful if everything would fit.

We were relieved that at least our suitcases could fit in the boot, and then stacked a crate, a bag of shoes, the box of plates, a bag of books and all our jackets in the boot. In front we managed to stash the pots and pans under the seat, I had the duvet at my feet, we had a box between the two foot-wells, Malcolm had his laptop bag by his feet, and we had two bags stacked between us on the seat.

After a farewell to Ellen and Wolfgang, we hopped in the car and were off to Marburg. It was a two hour drive, and there are loads of trucks on the road, but we had a good trip. As we approached, we started getting more nervous and excited. It was an odd feeling, seeing the castle up on the hill in the distance, just like in the pictures online... except, this time we were actually here. Finally! Years of dreaming. It’s hard to explain what it felt like...

Our first stop was studentenwerk, which we eventually found and where we were met with a really long queue. Tante Ursel and Onkel Arno went to the mensa to get lunch, while we waited. Eventually we got into the office and were relieved that there were no problems at all. We were given the contract, the keys and were told we could bring back the contract and pay the next day. So, we headed to our apartment. The GPS was a little off and we took a detour, but we eventually found our block. I won’t be too detailed about my first impression...

We wandered into the block of apartments and needed to find our flat. Fortunately, we came across the hausmeister and we went upstairs to his office to get name labels for our door and postbox. I was desperate to just get our stuff inside and sit down, but he then showed us around the flat and explained the electricity and gas and water and heating and I understood very little, being overwhelmed and exhausted. I was pleased that it’s spacious and clean, and we signed the list saying that everything was in the flat that it said there was – not that I had ay idea because I was in such a daze... I guess we’ll find out in 3 years what was on that list. The hausmeister left and we could get our things from the car and into the flat. We wanted to get out and see some of Marburg but just as we were leaving, he came back to show us the basement and our storage space there, our postbox, the recycling, the bike storage area, and our parking spot. (Anybody want to give us a car?)

FINALLY, our heads about to explode with info, we got in the car and we went to the aldstadt. We picked up a map from the tourism centre, then took the elevator up to the next level. Yep, the streets really are that steep that there’s an elevator to get from one level to the other. We found a cute little restaurant and had lunch (supper?) there (we were starving by now...), and then walked around the aldstadt. 

We finished at Elizabeth’s Kirche, which was beautiful and quite impressive. 

From there... we said goodbye for the day and found a bus home. We got off too early and ended up with a rather steep and long hill to walk up. The only upside was that we found a grocery store and could buy some essentials before getting home.

We still had enough energy to unpack some stuff in the kitchen and make the bed. Apparently they don’t have double-mattresses here, which, combined with our pillows of jerseys in a pillow case, made for a rather uncomfortable night.  


  1. Good luck with the move! Moving day is definitely stressful with so many emotions!

    1. Thanks, it was mostly just stressful wandering if everything would fit! :)

  2. I hope you're enjoying Marburg, Erica! Moving can be so stressful, but it's nice that you had some help! :) It's strange thinking that the new semester in Germany will start next week and I'm not there this time around, but already getting ready for exams and stuff for the end of my semester. It makes me nostalgic! :) I hope Malcolm has a good beginning at university and that you will get used to living in Marburg soon!

    1. Thanks, Melanie, we are! I hope that your exam preparation is going well!