Saturday, 19 October 2013

Marburg to World: we have contact!

Yes! It's true! We finally have our internet up and running! On Thursday night the internet guy came by and set it up, and by yesterday evening it was working - I don't understand why we needed to wait but, end result: I'm back online! :D

I'll be reading blogs and responding to comments soon - I've been able to read some but I'm not able to comment back on my phone. And facebook doesn't display pictures on my phone either, so looking forward to catching up there too!

SO, I'm still recapping from our first week here, so be prepared for a sudden flurry of posts...

Thursday the 3rd was a public holiday, and so everything was closed. There was a celebration going on in town, but Malcolm needed to prepare for his first day, and I wanted to finish unpacking. The place looks much better now that everything is unpacked, and we chatted about what we still want to do. This is the first time that we know we’ll be in one place for 3 years (at least, that’s how long our contract is), so it’s cool that we can actually think about what we want to do with our space. It’s rented so obviously we can’t do anything drastic, but there are some things we’d like... a carpet in the lounge to start with, and a big picture frame over the couch. Some cushions and a blanket to make it cosy, a coffee table and maybe a standing lamp one day. We need bedside cupboards and a headboard eventually, and bedside lamps, though for now at least there’s a switch for the main light next to the bed. Outside, we have a large veranda. We were hoping to be higher up with a view, but we’re on the groundfloor. At least we’re facing the children’s playground rather than the main parking lot or the entrance with all the bins, and I love that we get afternoon sun. It’s also nice being on the groundfloor because it’s easier to forget how big our building is, and it feels like we’re just in a cottage again. Sort of. Anyway, I’m looking forward to spring when we can put potplants along our rail and make our veranda pretty. For winter I’m hoping to string up some Christmas lights, which are already for sale everywhere.

Here are some pictures of our home:

Our entrance/passage, taken from the kitchen doorway... the front door is to the right.
Malcolm is putting our name up on our door :) 

Our kitchen: I'm not a huge fan of the oven, and I really wish there were a window, but I love the blue conter-tops and it's pretty spacious.
Our lounge/dining room/study area :) 

Our bedroom. So. much. cupboard. space. (hooray!!!!)

In the afternoon, Malcolm took a break and we went for a walk to see the area. The hills are something to get used to after the flat land of Koln, but it’s beautiful and the forest that surrounds the town is lovely. We went along a trail into the forest, and we could see why the brothers Grimm were inspired... though it made me really weary that we’re in some sort of terrible fairy tale about to get pounced on and gobbled up. Anyway, Malcolm found some Amber, and we found a bug, and then we headed home again. 


  1. so glad to have you back with internet - i missed your posts :) the apartment looks lovely, and i can't wait to see what you do with it :)

    1. Finally, yes! :) I can't wait to fill it up with stuff - and ignore the fact that all of it will need to be moved in 3 years, but that's like 1000 days away ;)

  2. Welcome to Germany! :D

    I am very excited about finding your blog! I read "Random writings of Rachel" and found your comment and followed it to your blog.

    And was even more surprised to find out that you live in Marburg, which is about 45 minutes to an hour away from my home (I live 15 minutes north of Frankfurt) :)

    Marburg is really a pretty city to live in, sadly it is more than 3 years ago that I visited for the last time. :)

    Well, I hope you enjoy Germany and Marburg, although the weather is really yucky right now.

    If you ever think about visiting Frankfurt and need a tour guide, I would volunteer. :)

    Greetings from Oberursel,