Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Guess who's back?! (kinda sorta)

I finally have internet!
No, not really. Actually, until the internet guy comes, Schafters Backstube has internet. So until the laptop battery runs flat, or my hour runs out, I have internet :)

So, we're in Marburg, with all our stuff. Yep, we made it!
I've been writing every day even if I haven't been able to publish it, so now I shall publish it all in one go. If you read it all, thank you, if you don't that's also ok :)

Let's start with our last day in Cologne....

Last Monday was our last day in Cologne, so we decided to make the best of it, despite the last minute things we needed to do.

We started with a freezing walk to the bakery and got some breakfast, which we then took to the lake. It was great sitting there, enjoying breakfast and coffee, watching the mist swirl over the lake. It was peaceful and quiet and we watched the sunrise over the hill. 

Then the cold just got too much and we headed off on our next mission: the German version of Home affairs. It is one impressive building, and fortunately there was no queue and Malcolm could go right in and get his residence permit. He’s allowed to be here for the next year, and then he needs to reapply.

From there we headed to Hansaring, to get a simcard (yeah, only took us 4 months...) and for Malcolm to get his hair cut. We were slightly dubious that he might end up with the ever-so-popular onion-hairstyle, but were relieved when he walked out looking handsome. After a stop at a model train shop, where I fell for a sweet beagle called Sam, we decided to go to the cathedral one last time, and enjoyed just wandering around there. We bought a souvenir of Koln, finally, and then went home. 

After our skype chat with mum, we did our last packing and cleaning. We then returned our bikes to the couple down the road, which was sad! We’ll miss those bikes, though the hills in Marburg do not inspire me to ride much – except downhill. We were quite exhausted and decided to have dinner in the Aldstadt... we walked to the tram station but the tram was delayed so we bought cookies and took the bus to the forest instead. We went to the waldbad to the restaurant there and I finally had a schnitzel – my first in Germany!

After our last walk through the forest, too dark to see any of it, and thinking back wistfully to my excitement the first time we discovered it, we headed back home for an early night before moving-day.  


  1. yay for having internet again! glad you two made it to Marbug :)

  2. Thanks! It was quite a relief to make it here! :)