Monday, 30 September 2013

The weekend of...

Wow, so our LAST weekend living here has ended.

The weekend began with Malcolm ending his 4 months of German lessons... a sad farewell to the friends he's made there, but excitement for the near future too. Despite feeling like we should celebrate, we came home and vegged... it was a tiring week!

Saturday afternoon we went to church - it was moved to Saturday because IBCC uses the building of another church and they were having an all day event on Sunday, so we had our time/day moved. It was a baptismal service, which was great, hearing the testimonies of those getting baptised. Again, though, it was sad saying goodbye to the friends we've made there. It was an especially sad goodbye to Ruth, and it was a rather dramatic goodbye on the platform.

Sunday, we cleaned. A lot. Vinegar was our go-to and just about everything got scrubbed with it, and then we tip-toed around trying not to mess up what we'd cleaned. It was exhausting. Anyway, after taking glass jars to the recycling bin (I wish I'd counted how many of the jars were Nutella...), we walked off to the wildpark, but it was chilly and we had a skype-appointment with Malcolm's parents so we didn't stay too long :)

So, that was our weekend... I wish I could say it was full of fun and excitement. But, the last 4 months here have been, and what better way to see that than by checking back on our Cologne Bucket List?

1. Splits. Both side and centre.
Okay, the last few days have NOT been good for stretching, but my splits have actually stayed stable if not improved in the last 4 months.

2. Go to at least 3 museums.
Yes. We made it to 5!
The dance museum, the Romanische-Germanische museum, the Stadt Museum, the Chocolate museum AND the Geschichte museum (counting it even though it's in Bonn!)

3. Ascend the Cathedral Tower

4. Rhein River cruise.
We changed our minds on this because of the price, and did the cable car instead, which was loads of fun!

5. Improve German and French
Malcolm's German has improved immensely, and so has mine, I think. Also, my conversational French came along pretty well, chatting with Ruth, Claudine and a few others definitely helped!

6. Apply for jobs in Marburg.
Done. Though no luck just yet. I'll intensify the search when I get there!

7. Pic nic in the Rhein park.
We succeeded! TWICE!

8. Make conversation with a random stranger on public transport.
Done. Malcolm chatted to a little old lady, and I once made conversation with a man from Nigeria, I think.

9. Plan a cool surprise for Malcolm.
this one I did little by little - notes in his bag or with his lunch, a surprise visit at the CDC, cooking his favourite meal, or buying him something special.

10. Send lots of postcards.
Success! We definitely sent a lot - as much as our postal-budget allowed ;)

11. Try new flavours of icecream.
Done. Most surely. We tried not to have the same flavour twice, and managed to sample icecream such as chocolate, 'waldmeister', rasberry, strawberry, apricot, cherry, nougat, caramel, coffee... It really broadened my horizons and showed me that there are flavours just as cool as chocolate!

So... all in all we accomplished everything on my list! We also got to cycle through forests, discover ikea, figure out public transport, find a great church, to name just a little of it. Plus, we saw how incredibly God provides for us and loves us.
When we first found out that Malcolm needed to come here for a 4 month language course, I burst into tears because I didn't know what would happen to me, where I'd be in all this. One day, when I was feeling particularly miserable about it, Malcolm said something like "just cheer up, will you? At worst, you're having a 4 month holiday in Cologne."
Oh how right he was! Everything has worked out perfectly, and of course Malcolm didn't leave me behind in SA, and this extended honeymoon has been amazing.

Now, on to Marburg to see what's waiting for us there! 

I don't know when we'll have internet access again, but I have read all comments, but I just can't comment back or anything on my phone, sorry!

I look forward to catching up as soon as we can! 


  1. i had no idea that you were working on your splits?! are you a gymnast? so funny. i've never mentioned it to a soul, but i've been able to do the splits since i was 6, and i practice almost daily just so that i'm always able to do them right, left, and center :)

    1. Ballet dancer/ballet teacher.

      Erica: Taking it on myself to answer this one. Hope ye dinnae mind. ;)

    2. Thank you, dear Brother, you want the job of being my PR-man? Job is available, no pay though...
      Yep, ballet dancer/teacher is a good description, I'm so jealous that you have been able to do them since them! I started pretty late and am able to get supple to a point quite easily, but then sort of hit a brick wall and just can't get the last couple centimeters.

  2. I definitely know what it feels like to leave, but you have another adventure ahead. How exciting. Great bucket list items for Cologne!

    1. It is nice to have something to look forward to! :)

  3. You did so well on your list, girlie! Good for you!

  4. I love your bucket list. Especially the ice cream flavors. :)

    1. Oh yes, they were probably my favourite ;)

  5. Wow! You guys have been busy. Such fun stuff!!

    1. Fortunately we had plenty of time! :)