Friday, 2 August 2013

Week recap: loving the city

It's been such a great week here, the sun has been shining and it really is Summer-time! 
We got the chance to get out and enjoy the city quite a bit, but Malcolm has had SO much work and has really been very busy and very tired. 
Here are the highlights and photos to sum it up :) 

After working late at the CDC, Malcolm met me in the city to hang out until life group because it wasn't worth it for him to travel home and then have to head back in. 
The sunshine had a day off so we spent the afternoon in the Hauptbahnhof, browsing the shops and looking at the wide selection of restaurants catering to travelers. 
When we got tired, we headed up to a platform to find a seat, and shared a pastry there. It was fun to watch the trains come and go, and I love the atmosphere there... I think it might be one of my favorite places in Cologne?
From there we took a tram to the area where life-group was going to be held We stopped by a home-y shop that was much like Whetherley's and admired the furniture and considered lamps... it was great spending time with Malcolm and seeing what we might have in our home one day. 
Then, we headed to Life group, walking along a cute cobble-stone road. Life Group was great; hot-dogs for dinner and a huge blessing to spend time reading the Bible, laughing, and sharing with each other.

Cologne main station date favorite place things to do

When we got home, we opened a parcel from Malcolm's parents... Malcolm opened it so slowly and carefully - I just wanted to rip it open! We were delighted with the contents... early birthday presents for me and some SA treats for us! Hooray!
(I also got a letter from Mum's god-mother, isn't the postage stamp cute??)

post stamp

As I mentioned yesterday, I headed off to do our mammoth grocery shopping. 
When Malcolm got home he worked really hard... he had a presentation about South Africa that he needed to do so he spent a lot of time searching for pictures and making the power point slides... I'm really proud of how hard he worked at it.
While he worked on it, I made a milk-tart for him to take with to the CDC and integrate into his presentation. 
I also made Malcolm one of his favorite dinners (with helpful and chicken-saving instructions from my Mom in Law! :D). It turned out pretty well, and I was quite impressed with how well the pie-tin worked as a roasting dish :D (I would have used a cake tin, except the milk tart was in that... makes sense, right...?) 
It was totally worth it to see Malcolm's happy face! 

roast chicken apple crumble happy husband

The sun was shining beautifully from the moment I opened the shutters... 
I needed to go into town to buy my month-ticket... I bought a cheaper one this time, which means on week-days I can only travel after 9am, which is fine because the money I save can pay for a once-off ticket if I need to travel before that, and weekends I can travel as normal :)
I crossed over the Deutz bridge on foot, which was lovely; I saw a piece of art I hadn't before, and enjoyed a walk on the banks and under the bridge. 

Bridge rhein statue art under view

The view from the bridge is breath-taking... 

crossing bridge Rhine Cologne Koln view beautiful city things to do

When I was in the station, I saw a Thalys train boarding for Paris, I'm so excited to be going soon!!! :)
The first Thursday of the month is "Cologne-Day" and residents can get into state-museums for free. I checked the Ludwig museum (contemporary art) to see if it was included, but it wasn't and I'd have to have paid... I'm not a huge art-enthusiast and I probably wouldn't have appreciated it so much anyway, so I just took a photo of the art reproduced on the postcards outside ;) classey, right? 

Ludwig museum post cards Thalys train Paris street artists Cologne Cathedral Koln Dom

I spent the rest of the time waiting for Malcolm at the Cathedral... there was lots going on, street artists, musicians, a giant floating fish swimming around... I love people-watching there! When Malcolm arrived after school, we went to the Roman-Germanic Museum (for freeeeeeee!)... really fascinating and there's SO much to see. I'll write about it next Tuesday, I think :) 

Koln Cologne

All in all, a great week, but we're SO ready for this weekend... our plan is to relax and for Malcolm to take some time off from studying... 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend... 

Jeena (my digs-mate of '10)... I know you're going to have the most amazing weekend and the most beautiful WEDDING!!! :D Congratulations to you and Ash! You did so much to make our wedding just perfect, I wish I could be there and be a part of yours!!! 

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