Friday, 9 August 2013

Week recap: a long week

Before I actually re-cap, HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY! I hope all of you in SA have a wonderful day off, celebrating the women in your lives and their contribution to society.
Here are some ecards that made me laugh, even if I don't necessarily agree ;) 

Now, Recap!

It feels like this week was really long, though we didn't really get up to much. 
The highlight, though, was Monday night. As I've spoken about before, we went to Margaret’s house for dinner. Remember I told you that we were invited for dinner by somebody we met on the tram?  We were on our way home from church and were briefly introduced to Margaret by mutual friends, then because we were going the same direction, we travelled together for a bit. After chatting for a little while, she invited us for dinner... which really surprised me, how often do people invite you into their home for dinner after speaking to you for 20 minutes?

On the way there we got a chance to take photos with Tünnes and Schӓl, apparently rubbing their noses brings “luck”...

And we got to appreciate St Martin's Cathedral... 

When we got to Margaret, she welcomed us warmly and we sat outside on their veranda, surrounded by all sorts of potted flowers and overlooking the slate roofs and chimneys... waiting for a chimney sweep to pop out any second and start dancing. 

We’d arranged to come early so that we could hang out and help prepare, and it was so much fun learning how to cook salmon and making salads, laying the table with all sorts of treats and new things (like Tzatziki and herby-mustard) and bread in a beautiful cloth basket. It was a feast. Followed by cheeses and fruit and chocolate. Can I just sum it up by saying we were spoiled?
Margaret shared her testimony with us, told us about her life in Canada and in the States. Told us what a tornado is like, what it feels like to drive in a snow storm. We learned so much from her, and just felt so refreshed by her warmth and friendliness and humility. We felt so welcomed and loved by her, who treated us like we were both her friends and her kids. Really, Malcolm and I were just overwhelmed by the time we left; I think I understand now what the spiritual gift of hospitality is – it goes so much further than just opening one’s door and cooking for people... she understands the Love of Jesus and is truly gifted.
We watched the sun set and the Cathedral light up. We watched the clouds build and the lightning strike in the distance. When we needed to leave, we were armed with an umbrella and were sent home with a bag of cookies and chocolates and wasabi peanuts (the best I’ve tasted).

The rest of the week passed quite inconsequentially, I missed SA and Malcolm studied hard. Because of the summer holidays the CDC has doubled its number of students so they now have two slots; morning or afternoon. So some days Malcolm has class 8:30-13:00 and other days it’s 13:30-5:45. It’s an adjustment, but it is quite nice actually.
Oh, I also baked biscotti, from a recipe book sent by our Bartlett-parents which turned out pretty well! (they're a good rusk-replacement!)

This weekend we’re headed for Bonn, to visit Mum’s Godmother and we’ll get to see a little further than Cologne J
I look forward to telling you all about it on Monday! 


  1. Enjoy Bonn :) At least it will be warmer in Europe than in Africa! We've having your winter weather here. There is even snow predicted on the 'berg. I hope Bonn will be the prelude to what will be a fantastic week. xxx kristen

    1. Ah yes SA winter! Where abouts are you? I love winter in KZN, cold mornings and usually warm sunshine in the afternoon!

  2. I spent Mon, Tues and Wed in Cape Town so only just catching up on your news. Cape Town was cold and wet and the bad weather followed me back home. It's absolutely freezing here today so it's chicken and prawn curry for supper tonight! Sure hope it warms up some this weekend.

    1. Ah typical CT! Supper sounds heart-warming though!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Have a great trip in Bonn. I love the Beethoven house and the beautiful park in the middle of the city: Freizeitpark Rheinaue!

    1. Thanks, we had a wonderful time! We didn't go to the Beethoven house but there are statues of him all over, which was nice :)

  4. Hi Guys, Sounds a close friendship! very nice. the trip experience narrated beautifully with the wonderful pictures. great shots of the palatial building....