Wednesday, 14 August 2013


So today is 144 days we've been married (a square number! Whoop!), and I've been reflecting a lot about weddings and marriage.

This may be due to one or more of the following reasons...

1. I still visit Pinterest's wedding category 
Doesn't Pinterest give some crazy ideas? Some were pretty good, and I used a few, but really I stopped looking at it so often just before the wedding because it was just making me crazy. But I'm back on it!

2. The pottery I got constantly reminds me of my parents house and our wedding. 
I'm so glad we used these pots, they were on a bookshelf at home all my life, most having been brought over by my grandparents, and I just love them - it was because of Malcolm's eyes and these pots that navy (with yellow, because it's my favorite) became our wedding colour.

3. My best friend is getting married in 3 sleeps time
Am I the worst bridesmaid for leaving the country or what? All those of you complaining about bridesmaids, they don't get worse than me.

4. I just updated our "the beginning of the Bartletts" and "our wedding" pages
More photos and more details... I loved writing this and looking through old photos!

I just love watching Disney movies and chick flicks or reading others' love-stories or proposal stories... it's a sure way to melt my heart! I'm such a romantic! This isn't always a good thing because it means that I often jump to the most romantic conclusion... Malcolm is late? He must be up to something. Okay... so actually the bus was late.

But, my two favorite love stories ?

1. Jesus and His Church 
2. Boaz and Ruth 

They melt my heart every. single. time. Without fail.

That's just my thoughts for today... and a photo we took yesterday, the light was amazing.


  1. Congratulations! Time flies by fast doesn't it? My husband and I got married on 12/1/12, and when I read your post, I wondered what that is in days - it is 256 days. :) It makes me a little sad how fast the first year is going by, but we are having a blast and it looks like you guys are too!

    1. You have such a cool wedding date! Oh yes, time goes so quickly, really have to enjoy each day!

  2. I'm going to have to go read your love story. :-) And I completely agree that the love story of Jesus and the Church and Boaz and Ruth are two of the best! :-)

  3. Excited to read about your love story / wedding stories!

    1. Thanks! Excited to write more about it all! :D