Friday, 19 July 2013

Weekly recap: how I survived

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It's hard to have an exciting week when sick...

Malcolm whispered sweet nothings to me all of Sunday and Monday (his throat hurt when he spoke and he was all croaky). On Monday I got a message from Ruth asking how I could send my husband out when he can barely speak *shame*, although it was his choice. He chose again to go on Tuesday, but came home early because he wasn't doing too well. After lots of rest on Tuesday, he was feeling a lot better on Wednesday and by Thursday he's managed to pass it on to me. Isn't cohabitation wonderful? :)

On Tuesday and Wednesday I decided to try find the wonderful second hand shops I've heard so much about, anticipating snapping up all sorts of good deals. I found some online and wrote down their streets, but after much searching, I only found one. I walked in and saw it was all Chanel and Prada and Jimmy Choo, touched nothing while the lady eye-balled me closely, and walked right out again. Instead, I wandered the streets and discovered some really cool home-decor type shops, which made an otherwise disappointing mission enjoyable. Never-mind the fact that I only had 40c in my wallet, which, shall we say, helped alleviate the temptation of buying lots of pretty, beautiful, shiny, would-look-really-good-in-our-home, unneccessary things.

Other than that, I've enjoyed writing this week's posts and sharing our views on Germany. I'm sure it'll be amusing to look back on our list in 3 years time! I also had fun learning how to make the little box on the right with the links to connect on twitter (even though I hardly tweet, I just stalk and read news... lame.), bloglovin', and Google+. I followed a tutorial on code it pretty which I found really great, and Marie is super-fast at responding to questions and helping me out when I get stuck. 5 stars to her blog! I'll definitely be trying out some of her other tutorials. I've also really enjoyed reading a few other blogs, which help me deal with homesickness (which I try not to dwell on) and that encourage me that things will be okay! Two posts in particular are 
 - Finding Home, written by Amanda from the blog Living in Another Language, published on Found Love, Now What? 
- That time I thought I wouldn't survive a Huge Move, by Casey on The Aslan's Auspicious Albany Adventure.
It's blogs like these that often keep me company during the day, and are really encouraging. I also really appreciate the facebook comments on my posts, it's so nice to hear from you back in SA and feel connected. I especially loved this video, which my cousin Carola, who is a living-in-Germany-and-having-adventures-pro, referred me to in an attempt to explain the infamous German toilet.
While on youtube, I also love re-watching our wedding-photo video made by Cara-Lee Gevers, and listening to the lyrics of the song she chose. Thanks, Cara :)

Of course, Malcolm also made my week enjoyable. You know it's true love when, on a really hot day, he cycles off to buy me my favorite cookies. And he gave me a pedicure because my feet were looking shocking. (tip to girls looking to leave the country with 35kgs of luggage and no space to bring anything to look after their feet: a leather-man type thing with a fish scaler on it works wonders to exfoliate. Yes, my husband is a Springbok Scout. You're welcome.)

service with a smile, that's my man! (and that's our laundry as a backdrop!) 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead - Mum and Daddy, enjoy your weekend away! I'm really looking forward to date-afternoon with Malcolm today, and then we'll see what we get up to this weekend, I'll be blogging about it on Monday!
Stay safe and sending lots of love,


  1. Aw man! Hope you both feel better!
    Such a cute picture of your man!

  2. Things will definitely be ok! Thanks for the shout out! <3