Friday, 26 July 2013

Week recap: Getting some culture

So this week we finally got some culture and went to our first museum. While google-searching something else I discovered that there's a Tanzmuseum and Dance Archives, after some more link-clicking I found out that Mondays are free entry to the museum, so off we went! 

Basically the museum combined my love of dance and of media and film. It was mostly photos of various dancers... But it gave me a chance to reflect on how far dance, ballet in particular, has come in the last 100 years. 
marie taglioni tanz museum koln cologne

There were also films playing throughout the gallery. From the dying swan to le cake-walk infernal by Melies... that man was genius. Watch the movie Hugo to learn more about him! I LOVE watching the first films ever made, and seeing how they gradually progressed - it must have been such an exciting time! 

Tanzmuseum Koln dying swan cakewalk infernal

The gallery led into a room with light and shadow and dancing cut-outs. I'm not sure what these are, but basically there were different dancing images cut out from paper, revolving quickly around a lightbulb, with a mirror reflecting it onto the wall... they weren't zeotropes, thaumatropes, phenakistascopes, praxinoscopes, and it wasn't theatre optique. So I duno. Ideas?

pictures projector film

In the last room, there were tv's set up showing various dance-related clips... surprising to see the the Petshop Boys, but interesting to see a dance from  Rött vin i gröna glas - a dance where it looks like two people floating through the air while dancing. I wish I could find it online! 

tanzmuseum koln cologne petshop boys

It was really interesting, but there's not very much so I'm quite glad we went in on a day with free entrance! 

Wednesday we headed out to do some shoe-shopping... Malcolm has nearly worn through his so he needed new ones. There're usually pretty expensive but we found some on sale (pretty easy with the sales still going strong!), which were then further reduced so we essentially paid half the price! Hoorah! I also got a dress, but that whole experience is for another day. 
What I found really surprising was the amount of Dirndl kleide and Lederhosen for sale in normal shops... I mean, we don't really think that Germans wander around like this ....
traditional german dress streets
do they??? 
And when I'm in Mr Price or Edgars in SA, I cannot ever find a Beshu for Malcolm or find a traditional Afrikaans ox-wagon-era dress, can I? I think not! 
So at first I thought it was super-weird to find such a vast assortment of traditional clothing in ordinary shops (Lederhoser-looking-swimming-trunks???)... but actually I think it's great :) 
I even tried on a dress (SO beautifully made) and I'm now completely obsessed... I want one! I might settle on a beautifully embroidered blazer-type jacket, or a shirt. But c'mon... when in Germany! 
traditional German clothes ordinary shops

So with our dose of culture the rest of our week was pretty average... I waved goodbye to Malcolm every morning, he learnt a LOT, we had McFlurries (did all our German-culture points just become void...?), I spent an insane a fair amount of time on Skype with Ani (Count down to her wedding!!!!), and basically, we got on with life :) 
housewife goodbye icecream mcdonalds mcflurries

We have an exciting weekend planned, or at least for tomorrow, so I look forward to Monday's update!! :D 

Have a safe and fun weekend, everybody! 


  1. I'm hoping we can get to Germany sometime!

    Visiting from Fresh Face Friday!


  2. Looks like such a great museaum!!! Glad you were able to get some culture. :-)