Monday, 22 July 2013

The weekend of... Sunshine and Water

You know that song from that old advert on TV that goes "Sunlight, sunlight and water, sunlight and water, it's all that you need"? (I can't find a trace of this advert online, Youtube has failed me.) That sort of sums up our weekend. But only sort of :)

Friday was "date afternoon" and I met Malcolm at the CDC after he was finished class. It was sweltering (Sun + Water = Humidity) and there is a serious lack of air conditioning in this country. After stopping by a bakery for lunch, we hit the streets to wander our way to the lake park. 

Cologne flower market donuts ferrari architecture

Pic 1: I love the atmosphere on the commercial streets here, especially on Fridays and weekends... brass bands, bag pipers, marimba players, guitarists, accordions... there's music wherever you go. 
Pic 2: We finally gave in and bought a doughnut to see what they're like. "Really good" is my answer! Soft and fresh, dusted with sugar, not too sweet, and with a jammy centre. 
Pic 3: We came across a market in a church square, selling fresh produce and flowers. LOTS and LOTS of beautiful, fresh flowers. It was so colourful and there were so many different kinds. 
Pic 4: We got to the old city wall (there are bits of it remaining in parts of the city), where there was a fleamarket going on. Plenty of antiques, clothes, paintings and a variety of pretty-prices. 
Pic 5: We continued to walk down the road, and loved the architecture. So many buildings are ornate and finished beautifully. I'm not sure I'll ever get tired of looking at the pretty buildings, and they were a nice distraction from the sun beating down. 
Pic 6: We passed a car dealership... ferarri's in the window... 

We got to the Lake Park in Universitat Strasse and enjoyed some time wandering around the park, watching the ducks moon us, speculating if we'll ever get used to the amount of bikini-clad girls lying around in the parks, admiring the sun reflecting off the water and sharing an apple-pocket (with my pic-nic-essential pocket knife, just like mum! The knife courtesy of the Meyers!). 
Koln Cologne lake University park suntanning ducks picnic

When we got home, I had planned a special date-night for Malcolm. I found Pinterest quite useless here; it has some very amusing yet ridiculous ideas, or they sound boring and everyday, or they are too pricey. I decided to appeal to Malcolm's analytical mind and his interest in wine-tasting (just because it sounds fancy). Then I thought about our immense enjoyment of jelly beans. And so, our jelly-bean-tasting-evening was conceptualised. 

jelly bean tasting original date

Needed: (1) Jelly beans in various flavours. (2) score cards, I included space for the bean's taste and accuracy in flavour. (3) a glass of milk, for palette-cleaning between samples. (4) the beans laid out on numbered cards. 
I bought these beans from a place where I could choose from dozens of flavours and select the ones I wanted. 

score cards jelly beans

It was loads of fun, and we enjoyed some interesting flavours. Overall, cherry and green apple were our favourites, as well as toasted marshmallow. 

After some mundane cleaning and shopping, we spent the day at home because it was so hot and we were tired of walking from Friday. Malcolm was really excited because Candice and Jayd bought him some lots of games that he can play online. He'd been playing Lord of the Rings online for free, a nice distraction from a day of German, but it got quite boring without the add-ons that one needs to pay for. So it really was a blessing of them to buy these games for him! He spent the afternoon downloading one, but by the evening we were ready to get out of the house. So we cycled to the forest and took a picnic supper which we enjoyed with our feet in the stream that runs through the area.
dinner stream koln cologne dunnwald wildpark
Really trying to make the most of the long summer days before winter is upon us! 

I love that church is only at 2pm because it gives us plenty of sleep and we usually have brunch. (I'm trying to limit Nutella to Sundays and Mondays only, after I realised how much we've been through already - I will not divulge the exact amount, it's embarrassing.) 
Ruth came with us to church which was nice, talking about Tolerance. I love this topic so much! 
We considered going to the Rhein afterwards, but we hadn't brought enough water or sunscreen, and from the looks of things from the bridge, the shady spots along the shores were quite crowded already. So, again, we spent the afternoon at home.

clear skies robots computer games online icecream
Blue skies, computer games and ice-cream before bed. 

The robots in the top middle photo is the first photo of Malcolm and Jayd together in a long time. 

And that is our weekend of sunlight and water summed up, I realise I took way too many photos. 

I hope everybody has a great week ahead... Sending lots and lots of hugs in the direction of my High-school community, praying that God's strength with keep you together and strong. Mr Simpson will most certainly be missed. He used to pull my arm-hair when I rolled my jersey sleeves up, he was one of the few teachers to make me sign for talking in class, he warned us that we were going to get fat when we left school, he called my class the "moegoe" class... but he inspired in me such a love of Biology and gained my respect with his subject knowledge, passion and his sense of humour and fun. Truly one of my most memorable and favorite teachers. 

Feeling very inspired to live life this week...