Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Safer than Care-bears in Care-a-lot.

Remember how I mentioned before the whole anxiety girl thing. Yeah. The force is still strong with this one. Did I just make a star-wars reference...?!

We found out yesterday that we have our accommodation in Marburg booked! 
We have a two-room apartment reserved for us when we get there in October. Looking at photos, it looks like we’ll have a balcony, which I would love! Also, the views look as though they could be lovely, always a bonus. This apartment is a HUGE answer to prayer: we applied to the housing-people a few months ago already and we thought we’d only find out in September, but we found out yesterday that we've got it! We’re just waiting to find out some more information, like the number and floor etc.
It’s so cool (understatement) to see how God’s working and how he’s looked after us, we've been really aware of it this year as we've been very consciously relying on Him.
He’s provided us with so so so much and I know that we can continue to trust Him.

But, as usual, my super-power of anxiety kicked in a few minutes after finding all this out. 
There are a few things that concern me about where we’re going, and just the change that it will be for us. 
I shared my anxiety with Malcolm, and he knew just what to say to me (I speak star-wars every now and then so I guess he's also picked up some girly-ballet-teacher-language?). You know what he said?
“Even if we lived in a fluffy marshmallow house with Care-bears surrounding us as neighbours, we still would not be as safe as if we lived in the middle of Afghanistan, if that were God’s plan for us”. 
anxiety trust God Cologne Marburg safety Koln Richtsberg
He’s right, God’s will is the safest place to be... and now I remember why we chose “The Prayer” as our first dance song at our wedding.
When the song says "Give us faith so we'll be safe", I never thought of it as burglar guards and no crime and a beautiful view of perfection, or a sign saying "Welcome to Care-a-lot". We ask for faith so we won't stop trusting God, and in so doing stray from His plan for us, because the safest place we can be is exactly where He wants us, faithful to Him and doing His work.

So I'm probably over-reacting, and I'm pretty sure that Marburg is not going to be like a war-zone. I'm excited to see what we discover there, how we grow, who we become, what lessons we learn.
But if you'd like to pray for us, there are 3 things I'm praying for: 
1. A church that honours Jesus and presents the gospel truthfully 
2. Friends! 
3. Peace of mind 

Anything you need prayer for?


  1. What a wonderful blessing that you have a place to live! God is so good! He truly will keep you safe if that's His plan for you! :-)

  2. Glad you found a house! Marburg is pretty safe across the board, especially if the Lord wants you there. What a great thing for your husband to say! Make sure you check out Lecker Eck for really good doners and spend lots of time by the Lahn River and in the Altstadt. It is such a wonderful place and I hope you fall in love with it like I did! :)