Friday, 12 July 2013

The week that was - lakes, cherries and being lost.

Re-cap time! Time is flying. (I say that often, I know...)

Here's some of what we got up to this week:

Malcolm surprised me with chocolate from a reeeeally great and tempting chocolate shop in the Main Station. He's really funny when he has surprises, he tries to act subtle but I can usually tell he's up to something. Maybe one day you'll hear about his chicken-in-my-bedroom surprise.
That evening we cycled to the lake nearby and just hung out there, dangling our feet over the water - it wasn't as clear as normal and, in my opinion, looked icky.

fancy chocolate dangling feet in the water sunset at the lake

We finally made it to a life-group! High 5! Because of the beautiful weather we've had this week, they decided to meet at a park near the university for a picnic Bible-study. It was a park surrounding a huge lake (with ducks!), and there were so many people enjoying their evening there. We pic-nic-ed and studied some verses from Luke, had cherries (Malcolm's first!) and tasted Zucchini-cake for the first time. We stayed really late and then caught the Ubahn home, then needed to walk home. It's kind of strange feeling walking quietly and peacefully along the main-road at night. 

lake cherries summer sunset


Wednesday I set off determined to find those really-easy-to-find-in-South-Africa-tin-foil-pie-dish-things. I used legs, tram, bus and train (and got off at a stop too late, got lost, found a tram back, took a train, got off a stop too early, waited 15 minutes and caught another) and visited a few grocery and general stores and just could not find the things anywhere. It sometimes surprises me that things that we find so easily in SA are so difficult to find here. But, the opposite is also true. I was really excited, though, to finally find Popcorn!!! (I've mentioned this frustration a couple times) Woohoo! I was really excited to show Malcolm and we immediately made some and enjoyed the evening at home :)

popcorn kernels Germany

I finally made my South African dish! Since asking for ideas a while back, I've been obsessing about this. Lots of you mentioned milktart (which also happens to be one of Malcolm's favorites), which I thought was a good idea because it's obviously popular. But I was concerned that it was too obvious and somebody else might bring it, so I decided to get creative. And hence the creation of... Rooibos-Milktart! It worked really well and got pretty good reviews... let me know if you want the recipe ;) 
It was a really great evening and it was nice to hang out with other South Africans and get a taste of home. We took the train to the Koln/Bonn airport and then needed to walk a couple km's... are you surprised when I say we got lost? Fortunately, as we were debating which way to go, Nick (whose house we were trying to find) came walking along on his way home! SO glad he came when he did and we could have a guide ;) 

South African food milktart rooibostea travel Germany

So there you have it! Our week-that-was (I consider Fridays a weekend-day).
I'll probably catch you up on our weekend -it's gonna be explosive- on Monday! (don't worry, parents, it's safe!)
I'll also be talking about the Good, the Bad and the "I don't get it" of Germany next week... I'm looking forward to it!

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