Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Batman got me singin'

Does that sound like a lot?

It doesn't sound like that much to me... But, that's how long we've called Cologne home, and that's how much longer we get to call it home for.


So I was having a seize the day moment (despite the fact that actually what I need to seize is the ironing board and some groceries...) so I searched on you tube for the song "seize the day"... I don't know which version I was looking for, but I didn't find it, maybe because SO many things on Youtube aren't accessible here! Why, Youtube? Why?!?

My frown was turned upside down though, when I came across this version... please go watch it? 

A young Christian Bale dancing and singing? Made my day!


  1. Oh my word, have you seen Newsies (the movie the song is from???!!!?) It's AMAZING!!! One of my favorite movies. :-)

    1. I hadn't even heard of it til today!! (but now it's on my list...) i think this'll have to be on my work-out playlist :D