Thursday, 11 July 2013

10 July - Cologne "bucket" list

I've wracked my brain trying to think what "bucket lists" were called before the movie came out, and what to call it if it's a list of things I want to do before leaving the city rather than before I kick the bucket. I guess I could have called it "things to do before leaving Cologne", as I wrote it on my actual list, but it doesn't sound as catchy.

Moving on...

So the other day Malcolm and I, while watching an episode of Chuck, wrote down what we wanted to do while we're here. This was because we suddenly realised that there's so much to do and so little time! We have just over 2.5 months left, and that's only 11 weekends left (the 12th weekend we'll be moving). Eek! 

By the end of the episode, my list looked like this:

Malcolm's list looked pretty similar, except he had some deeper stuff on his (and he doesn't aspire to perfecting the splits. or French. or surprise himself. You get the idea). 

We're doing quite well so far :  

- I'm working on the splits everyday, to maintain what I have and improve. 

- We haven't been to any museums yet, though we found out that the first Thursday of the month is free entry for many museums, so we're waiting for that. 

- We made it to the top of the cathedral... check! 

- Rhein river cruise. This is scheduled, but we still need to figure out the prices for an hour-long cruise. 

- Improving French and German is going well - grammar may be slipping, but I think I've spoken more French here than in SA and German is everywhere (duh). I'm trying to read more in each language though... 

- Apply for jobs in Marburg: I still need to do this, hopefully this week. Looking into the Language centre at the University there, or at ballet schools. 

- Can you believe we still haven't made it to the Rhein park?! Despite going twice with the intention of getting there. 

- I have yet to make conversation on public transport and I find myself conforming to the sit-n-stare position. Malcolm however, had a conversation (in German!) with a little old lady at a bus-stop while waiting. Apparently it was rather one-sided, but it's pretty cool right?! 

- I want to surprise Malcolm. Obviously, posting my ideas here would sort of defeat the point. (Although he hardly reads it. And I'm pretty sure I could post every detail on his facebook wall and he wouldn't know)

- Postcards... who wants one?! I need your addresses! :D come on, who doesn't want one? So far I've only sent two, I have two written and waiting for a stamp, and one unwritten. So I'm getting there :D 

- Trying new flavours of ice-cream is probably the easiest thing to do on this list, although I find it difficult not to always choose the same kind of icecream that I've tried and love. But, in the name of adventure, we have tried hazelnut, cherry, apricot, mint, chocolate, some kinda vanilla-chocolate... and I'm sure many more will be added to the list! 

When I was writing all these things onto a schedule, I realised there were other things we wanted to do so now there's even more. 
Can you tell that I didn't bring my diary and that we haven't bought a ruler or paper? 

So we may starve for a while in an attempt to do all this, but at least I'll look good in the photos, right? Kidding! Don't panic, parents! :D

So that's what we're still hoping to do while we're here, hold us accountable k? :) 

I'm looking forward to posting tomorrow about our week and what we've been up to AND how my dessert that I mentioned previously turns out tonight! I'm crazy-person-excited really looking forward to it! 



  1. That's quite a list! I would be all over that "try new flavors of icecream" one. And I've been thinking lately that I want to be able to do the splits too! The muscles in my legs are so tight, I have to loosen them up somehow

  2. Sounds a lot like what we've been doing lately...making a list of all the things we've got left to do during our last year here in Germany! Makes me so sad to think about! Glad you're checking lots of things off your list!

    Thanks for linking up with Fresh Face Friday Blog Hop! :) Have a fab weekend!

  3. I studied in Marburg! It's an amazing place. I knew a girl who worked at the Language Center, she loved it!