Sunday, 7 July 2013

07 July - Carpe Diem

Yes, I'm starting with a picture of our breakfast. But it warrants it because yesterday Mum sent me a recipe that I woke up really excited to try. Nutella French toast! With honey drizzled on top :D Thank you mum! Really got our morning off to a good start! 

Feeling energetic, and the sun shining warmly (hurrah!), we set off on a mission to climb the Turm of the Cathedral. We climbed to a height of 97m, all 532 steps. Steep steps. Narrow steps. That spiral. With people coming down. It was exhausting and claustrophobic going up, knowing that you're sort of trapped in a pillar of stone. It was also really disappointing that there is graffiti everywhere. 

We stopped in a more open area for a break near the top, where the steps became metal and there was more space, but I suddenly realised how high we were - and that I get queasy at such heights. But, in the name of adventure (and bearing in mind we paid to ascend the tower!) we persevered.

When we got to the top it was breath-taking... such a wonderful sight and I'm really glad we waited for a clear day so we could see far. There were bars all around so I didn't feel too bad or scared, and there was also fencing so that one cannot drop anything off (or graffiti the statues...).

The Deutz Bruke and the Rhein. 

Graffiti on a no smoking sign? Really?? 

We also had a view of the Gay parade going on (always the first sunday of July),
and we could hear their drumming from up there too! 

Despite the looooong walk up, it was really beautiful and worth the view (though I can't promise that if you come visit I'll go up again with you...), and we can tick it off our list! The stairs going down were much easier, though the constant spiral makes it almost hypnotising!

Happy to have made it back down! Mission accomplished!
To cool off afterwards, we sat at the fountain just next to the cathedral and put our feet in the water... such a good feeling! There were lots of others making the most of the warm weather and lots of little children running around in the fountain too!

After spending some time around there, we headed to church. It was really special because they were dedicating a baby. It was a baby-dedication like I've never seen before. The family gathered outside and then everybody sang while the baby was brought in by his family who were singing and dancing. It was great to see the enthusiasm and excitement that was evident as they were presenting their son to the Lord and dedicating their lives to raising him. 

We were both really exhausted so we headed home straight after, and had a lovely afternoon relaxing at home :) Malcolm is getting his residence permit documents together so that he can get that sorted as soon as possible so that he can get into France! 

Hope everybody is ready for the new week! 

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