Saturday, 6 July 2013

06 July - Weekend!! (In case you need reminding)

This morning after breakfast was clean-up time... I love it when we tidy up together, just to have somebody to talk to makes it way more enjoyable. We even used the vacuum cleaner that's been collecting dust ;)

Why all the cleaning? Firstly, when it's a Fresh morning and the sun is out, I love opening the windows wide and getting light and air into a clean house (which requires a clean house), and we haven't had a day as beautiful as today in a while! Secondly, because Ruth was coming over to bake and I hate baking in a dirty kitchen... We weren't sure what time Ruth would arrive so we waited at the bus-stop, but she wasn't on the first one so we walked down a path we've seen and never explored... 

It was a really tranquil little path and it took us round a different route back home, so it was worth the energy. When Ruth arrived we walked to the shops to buy all the ingredients she'd need to bake the cake, which was quite a challenge trying to read in German, think in English and then tell her what it is in French. We were following mum's famous cup-cake recipe which I used to bake ALL the time! Ruth was really impressed with how easy it is to make - one of those mix everything together and bake kind of recipes :) We added chocolate to make it a Marmorkuchen, which felt a little more German ;) 

and it turned out really well!
The rest of the afternoon we spent chatting, eating some cake and then a walk to the wild park :) We watched the buck for a while, though they may be goats? They were really cute, bleating and stampeding for food... I'm seriously contemplating how to get that adorable little one home. It was also great getting some sunshine on my skin - the other night at Wolfgang's party the ladies were all comparing their tans and I sat quietly and pale-y and said nothing about my lack of evidence of a sunny South Africa. I just think that in SA if one is tanned that's great, but there isn't as much emphasis on it compared to here where apparently if the sun comes out one needs to soak up every ray. Or is that just my impression?
Anyway, I got some sun and we all got some fresh air and exercise! 
Ruth headed home, happy with the first cake she's made (if I understood her correctly!) and Malcolm and I have had a relaxed afternoon/evening... my head is all muddled with languages because Malcolm and her alternate between German and English, and then we speak French the rest of the time. Yikes. 

Hope everybody else is having a wonderful weekend!!!

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