Thursday, 4 July 2013

04 July

New layout again... sorry. Or not sorry... I just found out about a photo-editing program that's SO much easier to use so I couldn't help it :D This week has flown by... can you believe that tomorrow morning is already Friday??

Malcolm had a really cool day at the CDC, they were learning directions, and they had a fun time following directions around Hansaring. The highlight of this was the kids' playground they found...

Apparently this slide was really fun! 

a see-saw kinda thing... good to know that German taxpayers are
investing in the happiness of their children and  their academics!
(Quoting Malcolm on that one...) 

My day was a little less adventurous...
I Skyped with mum, always fun :D I checked out loads of other blogs... it's really encouraging finding other blogs especially those who are in countries not their own, especially in Germany. Finding I'm not alone in finding the toilets and lack of air-con here strange is somewhat comforting! I also looked at hotels in Paris so that we can finally start planning our trip... I think I need to research the German lottery... 

In the afternoon the sun started peeping out occassionally, so I went for a ride. I tried to blend in with all those tanning on their lawns by wearing shorts as though it was hot, but blew my cover when I made eye-contact with a passer by and smiled... forgot that that's weird here... 
I also tried to race some elderly people out on an afternoon ride after they overtook me. I could keep up a few meters behind, but wow they are intense!!

pretty field, dogs... teepee? 

the stream that flows through the wildpark. 

a teeny little buck... I would've taken it home if it weren't for the fence. 

I really did want to take that buck home... So cute! We really want to get a puppy when we get to Marburg, though we'll have to check out the rules there. Also looking forward to having our own place with coffee mugs I'm allowed to accidentally break. And photos on the wall! 

But, enjoying the moment and loving Cologne :) This city is really growing on me... 

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