Wednesday, 3 July 2013

03 July - What I've learned about movie-going in Germany

Malcolm and I decided that, even though it's pretty expensive (by our bench-marks at least...), we were going to watch at least ONE movie in a cinema in Cologne. And, today was the day!

This morning I googled "going to the movies in Germany", just in case there was something really different we should know. There were a few blog-posts about it and I was quite surprised by the results, but also decided not to trust them because some were quite old. I discovered that one needs to extra for 3D (ok, used to that), pay for 3D glasses (again, reasonable), pay extra if the movie is longer than 2hours (say whaaaaaat???), and that the food is expensive (as always). So off I went to meet Malcolm, feeling empowered and ready to watch our first German movie.

I met Malcolm at the CDC and we walked over to Cinedom, a really big and impressive cinema where many premieres and such are held.
The pictures on google images are much prettier...
on a grey day the grey and glass just looks dreary, don't you think? 

We went to the counter and bought our tickets, not 3D because neither of us actually like it that much to pay extra right now ;) what tickets did we buy? What was the first German movie that we got tickets for? Monsters Inc. University!

Malcolm and our tickets, photo-bombed by a minion from  "Ich unverbesserlich 2". 

You may be surprised at our choice of movie there! Well, so were we. Only about 15 minutes later when we were looking for the Cinema number did we realise we had the wrong movie (fortunately we were early!)... instead of Superman: Man of Steel, we had Monsters. We hurried back to the ticket office, and were so relieved when the lady there was just as surprised as us at which tickets she'd given, and sorted it out really efficiently. Whew! :D

the view from the top! 
Pre-movie snap-shot. Because we can. 
As for movie snacks... I was appalled at the prices. It was 2.40 euros for a small popcorn (which really was small, and I haven't heard such great things about German popcorn anyway) and about 4.50 euros for Nachos and sauce. Daylight robbery if I ever saw it! So we skipped the snacks and headed in.

the wallls have the coolest pictures painted on them, each is different. 
I was SO excited to see our seats (please excuse me if you're from the first world and think nothing of this), but we had a couple's seat... so two seats next to each other with no arm-rest. Thanks to those hard plastic arm-rests, Malcolm and I have NEVER sat comfortably cuddling through a movie, until today! 

So we watched Man of Steel... it was in German, we could understand enough to get the story line, but weird with the dubbing and lips-not-matching. The fight scenes were definitely understandable in all languages. It's not my favorite movie, I found it unnecessarily long and the fighting and throwing each other through buildings got a bit excessive. Plus, in my humble opinion, Malcolm makes a much better Superman.  I mean come on, look at him... 

Ok, no seriously, look at him. 

 *sigh* that's my Superman.

Anyway, summary of German movie-going : Food is very expensive, seats are comfy, be prepared to pay extra for extra-long movies. Quite simple and very enjoyable :) 

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