Wednesday, 3 July 2013

02 July - 4 things that made my day

4 things that made my day... in random order... 

Number 1: I found Gold! (No, not really.)
From what I've heard, many people really don't like grocery shopping. I can understand why they feel like that, but I really love it, even here. In PMB I was really familiar with where to find things and what prices are like. Inspired by Mrs Boote's organised shopping list according to the isles, I had a standard list where I'd take stock, mark what I needed, estimate prices, and then head to the shops and challenge myself to stay within that budget. It was thrilling. Now things are... different. I have very little idea about where to to find things (Popcorn is still MIA) and cannot predict prices very well, but now it's exciting finding new things, or things that resemble old things. I was so excited I even took a photo.
Oreo chocolate?? Caramel chocolate?? Kuhflecken??
They were on special, I had to. In the name of science and discovery. 
Eureka! I finally found biscuits that resemble Marie biscuits!
I've been skeptically eye-balling these for a while, and decided to take the risk ;)
There was also the cool bread-slicing machine... I'm determined to video it next time, it was that fascinating! :D

Number 2: Mum-daughter House-wife bonding time
I chatted to mum on Skype this morning! she's on holiday, so we finally had a good, long chat, face-to-face. It was so nice to see her and joke around and stuff... Trying to psych each other up to go be productive. It's easy to be bleak because I've always been home for the holidays with her, and this is the first long holiday that I'm not there, not because I'm married and living in PMB, but married and living a continent away! But, seeing her made my heart happy and she doesn't seem so far :) Love you mum!! 

Number 3: Malcolm's Home time! 
Even though it happens everyday, I still get excited every time I hear the door-handle turn, or if I'm at the bus-stop, see the number 154 Bus coming my way. I love plopping down on the couch with Malcolm and hearing about his day. I'm loving that he finishes quite early, though sometimes he needs to stay late to work in the media-centre. In PMB this year I was often on my way out when he came home from work, or I'd still be working. Before that, last year, a lot of our time hanging out involved him working on his Masters and I on my PGCE. So it's really special that we have so much time together now :)

Super-happy-to-be-home-faces :D :D :D 

Number 3: PArT-aY!
The way I wrote that made it look wild, right? :D It wasn't really (besides the ladies singing "com'on baby, light my fire" to Wolfgang to get him to light the heater!), but it was lovely :D
It was Wolfgang's birthday so he had some friends around for a relaxed dinner and drinks... 5 slow courses and a Keg of Kolsch. It was a lovely summer evening, chilled music going, and later a fire to keep warm. Apparently it's a rule in Koln that at least 3 people need to be talking at once, which, when added to the Kolsch dialect, made conversation somewhat difficult to understand... but it was really fun and I think I probably spoke the most German in one go in my life - not kidding. Eventually we needed to go to bed (it being a school night!), which felt pretty lame seeing as we were the youngest there and live the closest ;)

the last course - schnapps.
It looked really fancy and I'm not sure we would have appreciated
 it as much as we should have, so we had bubbly water ;) 

Pretty cool day, all in all :D 

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