Monday, 1 July 2013

01 July - You know that feeling when your petrol tank is full?

Today was EXCITING!
I went into the city today to meet Malcolm and buy a month-ticket for transport. We needed to wait a couple hours until the CDC were distributing DAAD students' allowance, so we sat in the park having lunch and Malcolm did his homework... he gets quite creative and elaborate sometimes. I think his teacher will enjoy reading it, I know I'd find it refreshing. 
We hung out at the CDC with Hanok and Ruth until money was available, then a few of us went to the station to buy month tickets. 
You know that feeling when your petrol tank is full? It was like that! For those of you who don't know what a full tank feels like... one feels broke as one hands over the money, but then life gets filled with possibility and excitement - where will that tank take you? What adventures lie ahead? You can go anywhere... well, I could get to about Pretoria-ish. 
I may be missing my car and being a little dramatic. But seriously, buying that months pass is like a full tank that can take me anywhere in the area until the end of the month. As much as I like :D I could just spend my days on the train! (Though I'm not actually sure I want to...)
To sum it up, it the feeling looks like THIS... 

To celebrate, Malcolm and I hopped on a train to the Aldstadt and sought ice-cream... it was cherry and chocolate and it was SO good... Malcolm had mint and after I taste-tested it a couple times I concluded that it too was delicious. 
The icecream shop responsible for the delicious, celebratory icecream. 

Also thank you ALL who gave ideas for South African puddings... I'm still weighing up my options... this is my chance to prove how good a South African I am, you see ;) 

Also, I hope you like our new blog layout :D :D :D 


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