Saturday, 1 June 2013

Away we go!

29 May 2013 - goodbye SA

This was a really strange day for us. It started out quite mundane, with packing and tidying our last things in our flat. Then we moved onto good-byes. I'd been dreading saying goodbye to everybody but it had to be done! Starting with Chon, Mrs Boote, and finally Fred and Valerie. We then needed to fetch things from Malcolm's car which was in for repairs. As we drove through PMB to the garage, it was a strange feeling, watching people enjoying every-day-life while ours was changing so rapidly!

saying goodbye at our flat

We got the the airport in good time (we'd been praying that my car would make it to the airport!) and had plenty of time to check our things in. We had been stressing that our luggage would be overweight, but we relaxed when an old friend from Junior School who was working there showed up and chatted to us, after which the lady at check in was a little friendlier to us too!

us with all our luggage - 75 kgs in total!

Our parents and my gran came to the airport to say goodbye and we had lunch together until we had to board.

It was really difficult for me, but everybody was being really supportive which helped a lot. After a prayer together with the family, Malcolm and I waved goodbye and went through those gates.

 When we got in to the boarding lounge we came across Frances, a lady from church, who was on the same flight. Chatting to her really put things into perspective and took my mind off things, and tears we held at bay until the plane's wheels left the South African ground. Fortunately, Malcolm has a comfy and absorbent shoulder, and Emirates is really good at distraction. There were plenty of movies and things to watch, as well as the plane's cameras that showed the view from the from and underside. They also fed us really well and we felt quite fancy having wine in little bottles with our dinner. Being woken up at approximately 1am to be offered breakfast and again shortly after for coffee didn't make for a good night's sleep though!
Emerites' entertainment

Our fancy dinner ;)

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