Sunday, 30 June 2013

30 June - ideas please? :D

Married for 100 days! Woooooo! :D
Yes, we're newly weds and counting, though I will defend myself and say that we haven't actually been counting, but our wedding website shows it and I just happened to go onto it yesterday. Nevertheless, I got coffee in bed this morning which was a treat. The sun also made a guest appearance for a few hours which was lovely :D

After lunch today we headed off to church; we take the tram and it takes about half an hour which seems pretty average for getting most places :) We really enjoyed the worship and the preach (NCF-ism!). The topic was Gentleness, following from last week's topic of Humbleness. These topics are SO relevant and Malcolm and I have really been tested in these areas, especially since getting here. We're not a shout-y couple, and our arguments are usually slow-motion, passive-aggressive and rather sarcastic. Fortunately we don't fight very much and over the years we've become quite good at solving issues. But, since getting to Germany it's become SO important to us, more than before, to do and say everything in love - in humility and gentleness - because we're very aware that there isn't really anywhere we can run off to and we're very much stuck together ;) Happy to be "stuck" with my best friend!
Today's message really reminded me of a message I heard preached at NCF North earlier this year, about deciding that Jesus is Lord, and nailing that to the mast above all else. I agree with whoever it was that preached that day, that if that issue is decided then all else should fall into place - if Jesus is my Lord, that humbles me and reminds me of His gentleness, which I should then remember when interacting with everybody else. Praying that I remember each morning who my Lord and Saviour is, and act accordingly. (I realise a lot on this blog is actually a reminder to myself!)
As I was in the service today, as much as I enjoyed it, I got hit by such home-sickness for NCF and our family there. I also miss Cornerstone, where I was for 4 years. IBCC reminds me a lot of Cornerstone - many of the songs we sing here I first learnt there, and small groups here are called Life Groups too :) I miss you all so much!!
IBCC, picture from their website because we
 haven't taken one ourselves ;) 
The home-sickness did subside a little though when afterwards we hung out and chatted... there are amazing people here and so welcoming! We've been missing the Life Groups on Tuesdays partially because of the travel-cost and partly because we forget (the shame in admitting that!!!), but we're determined to go this Tuesday when I have a month-ticket for transport :D
We've also been invited for a South African dinner soon-ish, and we're taking something South African... the problem is that in SA, SA food is food (like Chinese food in China is just food, right?). So I'm not totally sure what counts, and I think one of the reasons something becomes typical of a place is because it's readily available... which means that it might be tricky getting hold of some ingredients here.
So I need your help!!! Ideas for South African dishes??? (I'm leaning towards desserts because it may be easier to transport?) Help us out with your brilliant ideas? :D

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  1. This might be too late but make bobotie! You get all the ingredients for that in de, except maybe garam masala (I could never find that) but otherwise bobotie was always the dish I made there when someone said "make something South African" :)