Saturday, 29 June 2013

28 June - 4 weeks in!

Friday! Malcolm had a fare-well tea at the CDC for some of the students that were leaving - it's the end of the fourth week of the course and I can't believe how much he knows! The farewell meant that finally they took a photo together! Hooray! So here's the happy bunch of them... 

the lady on the left is their teacher, the guy sitting
 with his arms crossed is Malcolm's friend, Hanok,
and the girl on the far right is Ruth :) 
Malcolm and Hanok often go walking around Hansaring during their breaks, so they explore the area as much as they can in 20 minutes a day :)

It drizzled the whole day and I stayed cosy, researching jobs and watching mostly CNN. Seeing South Africa from outside is quite depressing - news is usually bad or at least serious or worrying, and if that's the only info one gets it's quite scary! Watching the coverage of Mandela, reports about the economy, hearing of petrol price increases... I remind myself that life is also carrying on as usual and that security comes from God, not money or the economy or the system or the police, or (dare I say it?) Mandela. 
But anyway, feel free to share happy news of South Africa with me!!! :D 

Friday is also convenient-food day... in my attempt to try new things and discover what is actually tasty! It almost got rained out though because I didn't feel like walking or riding in the rain just to buy "convenient food" when we had normal food in the cupboard. However, when Malcolm got home it was only drizzling lightly and everything is more fun together, even walking in the rain :D So off we went and bought a tin of food and paprika potato chips.

The chips were actually pretty good, and I've decided to see them as a tasty new flavour as opposed to just about the only option we have! As for the tin of food... 

I was pretty apprehensive about this tin of tomato and noodles and "real meatballs", as was on the label. However, I was surprised by it (despite the fact that there was more tomato-soupy-ness than noodles) and it was a happy ending as Malcolm and I sat watching series on his laptop and eating our dinner :) 

p.s. what is it with German series? They show at least two episodes of a series (eg. Star trek, 2 and a half men, scrubs, big bang, how I met your mother...) at a time which means they go through them soooo quickly and then just start at the first season again...? And their ad breaks are about 10 minutes long so a movie lasts at least 3 hours. Ani, German TV needs you!!! :D (still grateful we have a TV though!!)

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