Thursday, 27 June 2013

27 June - keeping cosy

If this is summer, I'm really confused :/
It's been rainy and cold most of today. Malcolm was wrapped up when he left to the CDC, where he had a productive day. He managed to say the sentence "one may not have a hostage at home", which may be useful one day! He's actually capable of saying a lot, but gets tongue tied when faced with Wolfgang speaking German! Very impressive is my man! Mein mannlicher mann!
I finished the last on my TEFL course (I've only had one assignment left to do but I've been putting it off since Monday!) so I'm looking forward to applying for a job or two next week and seeing where that will get me. I was originally signed up to do the combined course which involved a 20hour classroom session, but they cancelled the dates I booked for and the alternatives were unsuitable so I'll be refunded for that and it'll have just been an online course.
I went out to meet Malcolm at the bus stop this afternoon...
this is where I sit and wait for him :)

This afternoon we walked around the Wildpark, we saw some cute animals...

like this little goat-buck-thing :)

and a MOOSE! We haven't noticed them before! :D

The buck go absolutely crazy when people feed them.
 One can buy animal-feed for them from vending machines.

We also saw a squirrel!! :D It was too far up a tree and it was too quick to photograph, but it was really cute! I think we may have blown our "we're German" covers by getting so enthusiastic over what is considered by many to be just a pesky rodent. So we blew our cover some more by posing on the little bridge like tourists :D

This afternoon Malcolm did his homework, and I read through what he's done already to catch up. The cold and dreary weather made me really want a nice warm mug of hot chocolate, so I made us some cocoa. As I've mentioned previously, we have a fully-furnished flat that has most things but not coffee-mugs. I just couldn't bring myself to make cocoa in tea-cups so I resorted to the next best thing... beer glasses. (yep, we have been provided with wine glasses and beer glasses, but no coffee mugs...?) It looks pretty fancy right? 

People were seriously generous for our wedding and gave us money, which we've brought over to use when we get to Marburg to make our home home-y... we'll definitely be buying coffee mugs! I would do so here, but that means we'd need to schelpp it all and we've learned how horrible it is travelling with loads of luggage!! 

Hope everybody is keeping warm and planning a fun weekend - its Friday tomorrow! Weeeee! :D

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