Wednesday, 26 June 2013

26 June - dedicated to Chon :D

Today I finally made it to the beeeeeg shop! This morning I really felt like baking but needed cocoa and hazelnuts so I set my mind to it and cycled off to the shop about 2.8km away (not too bad actually!). The main reason I've been putting it off, besides the weather, is because I'm scared of traffic. But, I was happy to discover that there's a cycle path all the way so no cars even get near me! Hooray!! :D

It didn't take too long to get there and I was delighted to finally get to wander the isles and see some normal stuff. The prices are higher than the shops I usually go to, but for the odd thing it's alright. I was fascinated to find only one brand of peanut butter at a price that put me off, and to discover that they still stocked nothing resembling popcorn.
They certainly had enough pizza though!
So you see the sign saying "pizza"?
the rest of the red signs behind say
exactly the same....
 It was baking heaven too and I found the goodies I was looking for, and had I not been on a budget, I would've tried everything along here.

When I took these pictures I was standing in the middle, and everything to the left and right of me was aaaaaaalllll baking stuff and pudding-y things :D 
I wandered around for quite a while, searching for popcorn and to try discover things, then eventually headed to the tills... 
tiny bottles of alcohol at the tills, right there with fisherman's
friend and chewing gum...

My legs were a little wobbly when I got home (haven't cycled much in a while), but I was motivated to get home and get baking!
A couple nights before we left Chon invited us over to feed us, and she made the most amazing cookies. She sent me the recipe and they've been my main reason for longing for cocoa! Thank you, +Chantelle Cloete , the cookies were so easy to make (discounting the 6km cycle) and made me think of you!
TA DA! The chocolate bits melted away a bit but the nuts
and gooey-ness are amazing. Thanks Chon!!! 

My timing was perfect, as the last ones
finished cooling and I took them off the
 tray, Malcolm walked in.
Feeling like a pretty good house-wife ;)

Malcolm fixed his bike with the help of Wolfgang and his seemingly endless boxes of spanners, and then we made dinner together. Again, inspired by the supper Chon made us :D 
It was also really cool chatting to Mom and Dad Bartlett on Skype, and we got the chance to show them around our flat and show off how cool the windows are here!! (You're curious.) 

Pretty good day, all in all :D


  1. Haha those windows! I was too afraid to open them because I didn't understand the multi directional hinges and kept thinking the window was going to fall on my face

  2. Haha... yes, they completely freak me out! And our door is the same! Getting used to it now though :D