Tuesday, 25 June 2013

25 June

Tuesday! How many days til the weekend...? ;) 

It was a pretty cool day - I did good house-wifely things seeing as I found where the broom is! :D Also contemplated baking cookies, which meant I needed cocoa, which meant I needed to get to a different shop, which meant I needed to cycle a few kms or walk a km and catch the tram. And all this was far too miserable to do in the rain so I baked no cookies. 

However, when Malcolm got home I did make a good supper which we ate outside because the sunshine came out and at about 6:30 it turned into a beautiful "day"! 

Malcolm had a good day at the CDC and has to look for family photos just now to take with him for homework, so we're suspecting he'll have to do some sort of presentation. He also ensured our well-being for the next few months by fixing our coffee machine (what's life without that first cup of coffee...?) which had got blocked up. I though he was quite brave unscrewing it when it's not ours, but fortunately it's working perfectly now :D 

Note the teacup: our flat is fully-equipped with just about everything except a cutting board and coffee mugs, so we've been feeling very civilised the last few weeks drinking everything out of teacups :D 

The other highlight of my day, perhaps more so than having my daily cup of coffee available again, was getting skype sorted out!! I've been wanting to for a while but also have been nervous that it would make me miss everybody more actually seeing them. But, it was wonderful! I spoke to Ani for a long time (She's graduating tomorrow!! CONGRATULATIONS my friend!!!) and then this evening we had a brief chat with mum and dad, followed by a call from Martin. It was really cool because he was on his phone he could show us my room - I've been curious about how our things are fitting in there! It was really great and we're looking forward to many more skype sessions (at least while we're in Cologne and have internet, we'll see what happens in Marburg!). 

Hope everybody has a wonderful wednesday - it'll be halfway through the week already!?! 

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