Monday, 24 June 2013

24 June

Mondays are often quite a let-down after a great weekend...
Malcolm went to the CDC and had a pretty cool day. They finished the first book (A1 part 1) and are now on A1 part 2! Then he came home and got down to homework and teaching me stuff. It's really cool that now I can use his A1 book to learn while he's away :)
I rode to the shops this morning - it was really chilly and windy, and it's still quite scary cycling with cars, especially along narrow streets. There are ususally cars parked along the road and then there's only a narrow part to cycle on, and cars have to cross over the line to get through... not nearly as orderly as you'd expect from Germans ;) There's a traffic circle near by that terrifies me and I really just have to say to myself "I'm a car I'm a car I'm a car I'm a car" as I enter it. All in all though, I'm getting the hang of it - one day I will be able to look like a local and carry bouquets of flowers while I cycle or eat snacks from the basket as Malcolm has seen in the city.
Anyway, not too much exciting today...

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