Friday, 21 June 2013

21 June - hello summer!

So today is the Summer Solstice, the start of summer! (it's also 222 years since King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette tried to escape Paris during the French Revolution, and the 163rd birthday of Enrico Cecchetti, the founder of the Cecchetti method of ballet)

It was really cool that Malcolm came home early from the CDC, not needing to stay to do any extra studying or anything. Having been cooped up due to the miserable weather and my inability to cycle with an umbrella (as I've said before, they make us tough in Africa...), we decided to take our umbrella and venture off to the forest for a puddle-skipping outing. It was quite fun, we didn't walk very far, and the forest was quite dry in the thicker parts, and it was so nice being out in the fresh air and then returning to our cosy home :) As is evident, the weather isn't really playing along with the "it's-summer-vibe".

Friday's have now become my "convenient-food-Friday", and I've decided to try out the ready-made sort of food that one gets in boxes... I've never really liked the idea, but there're some interesting things in boxes and curiosity is getting the better of me! So tonight we had baguettes with sort of pizza toppings that were pretty tasty - and only 1.79 euros for 6, as opposed to about 4 euros for a pizza at the closest place. Still tricky getting used to prices here!
As for the weekend... maybe summer will play along and we'll head off somewhere like the botanical gardens or finally find the Rhein Park! If it rains... well then I duno! Ideas???


  1. Rain would be nice at the moment. It is so dry here but strangely tonight is quite warm! We've only had two mornings of frost so far and days have generally got quite warm. I must say this is my favourite time of year. Don't have much planned for tomorrow but going to Ixopo on Sunday to see where George's wife is going to be working with Sappi. Have a great weekend!

  2. Ah you can have some of the rain from here... please!! :) Hope you had a good weekend :)