Friday, 21 June 2013

20 June

"If you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes"... PMBurgers love to quote this, and it is quite a truism! However, it seems just the same here. The day started off sunny, but by midday I had to turn the lights on because I couldn't see the keyboard (and I can't type without looking every now and then!). Thunder, lightening, rain... this photo just doesn't do anything justice!

Surprisingly, at about 5pm the sun came out and it was a beautiful "day" until we went to sleep with the sound of birds chirping! Truly bizarre!

This day also marks Malcolm and I being together for 37 months (we get excited for prime numbers...)... what a crazy journey it's been since we started those German lessons in the basement of Old Main Building!!!

It's also exactly half way through 2013... anybody else feel like this year is on fast-forward?!?

P.S. Just realised I got dates wrong... this is the 20th, I thought it was the 19th... whoops?!

P.P.S. The blog has had 2000 views! Wow! Thank you to all those (though it may just be 5 of you rereading over and over again...?) who've been reading, it's SO cool to include you on what we're up to :)

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