Wednesday, 19 June 2013

18 June

It was a really long day...
I spent the day mostly working on TEFL - making progress! Malcolm's day was really tiring and frustrating - his teacher goes super-fast through the book and many in the class aren't keeping up. There was something confusing that they'd asked for clarity on and she misunderstood and explained that wrong thing, and then they didn't get a chance to ask again. So when Malcolm came home we looked it up on word reference and there was a pretty good explanation, whew!
It was also pretty hot today (they'd forecast 34degrees, I think), and when I cycled around a bit it, the streets were quite deserted! Today is also meant to be hot, so we'll see :)

Anyway, despite the tiring day, things still make it good! I was sent the results from the American Performance Awards, and I'm SOOO impressed with all the results! Some of the little ones obviously remembered their dances, which was their main challenge, and the older girls must have given a real performance and "stretched their eyes" -- so so so proud of them all, and very impressed with Mrs Boote for pulling it all together despite all the problems that sprung up!

It was really great to get  a couple emails or messages from friends, catching up, and to chat on whatsapp :) I love hearing news from home!
Sending you all lots of love!!!

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