Wednesday, 19 June 2013

19 June - Perspective

My hard-working hubby is busy doing some homework, so I've decided to post now instead of tomorrow :)

Germany seems to be having a heat-wave, or at least that's what TV may or may not be saying, I'm not really sure, but it is hot! It's kind of humid, but mostly today has been overcast. At one point I thought of going outside, but then a gust of hot wind got me, and I retreated. Pretty cool to think this heat is coming from the Sahara!

So, being too delicate to go outside (they make us tough in Africa...?), I stayed inside most of today... which did me no good. I worked at the TEFL course, which irritated me because I had to resubmit an assignment for a silly detail, but, I finally finished the 60 hour course! I also worked on the next module, and am one assignment away from the 20hour grammar part. Hooray!

Malcolm took this photo of me this afternoon
 when I showed him :D 
But anyway, being alone today just made me really miss life in PMB, where there was always somebody to talk to, something to do, or at least I could go somewhere - while here it is a little lonely and I'm limited in how far I can travel. It's been 3 weeks but it hasn't sunk in yet just how long we'll be here for. 
My day was brightened a whole lot, though, when my Malcolm came home :) He always cheers me up, despite the fact that his course is so busy and difficult. I think it's really encouraging though when, for example, today he was watching TV and a phrase was said and he understood it without really realising it. 

After the heat of the day, we decided to get out and ride through the forest because it's so much cooler in there. On the way there were lots of people coming and going to the Waldbad, the public swimming pool (it has a big slide!)... maybe one day we'll go :) 
Along our ride we glimpsed a lake through the trees, so we headed down to it. Along the way there was a beautiful open field, and it just made me want to twirl and dance in the open space. 

don't pretend you wouldn't have wanted to dance there! :D 

It was so nice to get to the little lake, and we'll most likely go back again often now, since it's so close by, and so refreshing for the toes! :D

Along the way home, some bundu-bashing finally got the better of Malcolm's bike... it was making a strange noise, and although we got home and figured out what the problem is (a loose wheel!), we don't have the correct sized spanner to fix it... so we'll try again tomorrow, but tonight Malcolm needed to get to his work!

So I'm sitting here, missing South Africa and the familiarity of PMB and the company of friends and family, but SO grateful to be where I am - by my husband's side, on an adventure, lead by God Himself. We don't know what Marburg will be like, and although this time in Cologne is likely to be the trickiest financially, we are so blessed to be living in the luxury that we are - internet, TV, dishwasher, washing machine, coffee machine, heating (in this case cooling!)... we really do have the best creature-comforts right now, and although they can't possibly compare to the lovely people we miss, we're not blind to how blessed and loved we are. 

P.S. We got mail today! Ok, it's from the bank. But feel free to write to us, the postal service works!! :D Look! We even have our name on our post-box! And, should you feel like visiting, Scrooge McDuck is ready to greet you!! 


  1. Auf der Heide tanzt ein kleines Maedelein,und sie heist, Erica .....