Monday, 17 June 2013

17 June - accomplishments

So, while SA is enjoying their public holiday, Malcolm went off to the CDC (though it's great that Mondays he only starts at 9:30!) and I got down to some TEFL... nearly finished my first 60 hours.
I also had to do weekly shopping and it's getting better - I can find things a little easier now and recognise products a whole lot better! I've also seemingly mastered the art of cycling with a full bag under my arm and a full basket (overloaded like a taxi!), so at least I can now sort of buy everything for the week at once.

Perhaps it was hearing some South African accents yesterday and then knowing that SA is having a public holiday today, but I was feeling quite patriotic today. So, along with wearing my South Africa  shirt, I decided to bake a rooibos tea cake... and it worked!!!! :D
(p.s. thank you, Mrs Boote, for the silicone loaf tin, it did indeed make it to Germany!)

Just to give you an idea of how weird the shopping is for me, here's a picture of the ingredients...
they look pretty similar, but reading the labels for details is a

Malcolm took this photo of me, really proud of my first
baking success in Germany! Hoorah! 

Not only did I manage to accomplish a personal goal today, but Malcolm did too! After his lessons he came straight home so that we could go to the bank (what, no bullet proof glass in sight?!?!) and open an account. We should have looked up "bank account" before leaving, but we managed to communicate what we were there for. It was pretty simple, Malcolm may have signed away his first-born child or something, but the lady looked trust-worthy and we think he has a bank account. ;)

I interrupted Malcolm's homework and got him to
 pose all cheesy like this ;) 

He got a new teacher today, and it seems like she has a more analytic approach to the language, which, neither good nor bad, is a change - which is good :) I was so surprised how Malcolm could understand quite a few of the questions the banker-lady asked, clearly these lessons are working!! :D 

Anyway, it's been rainy and humid all day, we might go cycle later, or else watch TV or something (Though when prime-time TV here is mostly documentary-type shows about things like pasta-factories, I'm hoping it stays sunny enough for a bike ride!) 

Have a wonderful week, everybody, missing you all!

P.S. We did end up going for a ride through the wild park - haven't seen the piggies in a while, but now they've lost their winter-coats and look a little more warthoggy, and the babies are looking cuter by the day - they look like little nuts! :D


  1. Yummy! Backe, backe Kuchen, der Backer hat gerufen.....Well done! And nogal a Rooiboskoek!

  2. Bonjour Erica
    Je ne peux pas ouvrir FB sur mon laptop de travail mais je peux bien voir ton blog! Hier soir nous sommes allés à Hilton College pour regarder le film Les Intouchables (c’est à dire Jess, Q, Naeem, Alex et son amie et moi).
    Nous l’avons bien aimé mais je dois dire que je ne l’ai trouvé pas si facile à comprendre. Pour moi j’ai compris Après Vous tant mieux!
    Jess m’a dit qu’elle a vu ton blog et a lu des articles. Q n’est pas sur FB mais Naeem bien. Elle va utiliser son adhésion pour lire les articles.
    Tout va bien avec le cours mais Godwyne est rentré chez soi déjà pour les vacances et Johan nous a laissé. Il est transféré à Gretown. Il devrait nous venir dire ‘au revoir’ la semaine dernière mais on ne l’a pas vu. Cette semaine peut-être!
    Alors ma pause-café est Presque finie. J’attends les prochains blogs avec enthousiasme!
    À bientôt.

  3. À propos, j’adore les photos!

  4. Merci, Ian, pour les nouvelles!! Je suis heureuse que vous etes alles pour regarder le film, meme si ce n'etait pas tout a fait bien compris! Quand est le marriage de Q??? C'est proche, non??? Mais j'imagine que la classe n'est plus si passionee sans Johan et Godwin... quelle dommage :(
    Vous me manquez tellement, mais c'est toujours bon d'avoir l'internet pour rester en contact!!