Sunday, 16 June 2013

15 June - making friends

(I wrote this yesterday evening and forgot to post it... whoops!) 

We’re exhausted from fresh air – what a wonderful state to be in!
This morning the weather looked dark and gusty so we decided not to do our epic adventure but rather see how far we could ride in a time limit so we’ll be better equipped when we do cycle out to the lake. So off we went, discovering that most of the way is up-hill. Malcolm always lets me ride in front of him so that I can set the pace and he doesn’t leave me behind!  We rode about 4km before the wind really got gusty and it became unpleasant... I felt like I should have had goggles my eyes were so dry!

We came home and Malcolm emailed a friend from the CDC, Ruth, who stays quite nearby (relative to the size of Cologne ;) ) and invited her over. (This resulted in another bike ride as we needed milk and something for tea for when she came!)We went down to the bus-stop to meet her, but she wasn't on the first bus, so we sat outside on a wall and waited for her, enjoying the lazy Saturday atmosphere. It was really nice to meet her and, as she is from Benin, she and I spent the afternoon on the veranda chatting in French, with bits of English and German for Malcolm to follow. It was really great getting to know her and she is so sincere and lovely :) Malcolm was so sweet and made us tea and brought it out to the veranda, and Ruth commented to me how kind Malcolm seems, as a husband and at school. It was so nice to hear, and reminded me how blessed I am to have such a servant-hearted and loving husband. He’s looking after me so well, and I’m doing my best to look after him! 

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