Saturday, 15 June 2013

14 June

Another day spent doing the TEFL course, still going well! I'm three quarters through the first module of 60 hours, so I'm hoping to be done quite soon :D

Malcolm had a good day at the CDC... their teacher took them out to the market where they were meant to go around asking the prices of things, but given that there were signs with the prices for just about everything, he changed the activity and they had to just go look for various items. It sounds like they had a good time though! Malcolm is really enjoying the course, and seems to get on with most people there. There's a guy from China who has been battling so Malcolm stayed late the other day to try help him.

When he got home yesterday, we decided to just spend the evening watching series and eating junk food - besides the 1kg jar of nutella and the odd pastry thing, we don't really eat too much junk food. So we bought a box of frozen pizza (which tasted pretty amazing actually!) and some chocolate, and watched english series on the laptop, and then The Fantastic Four on TV, dubbed into German. The dubbing used to really bother me, but I'm surprised at how I hardly notice it anymore!

Anyway, today back in PMB, the girls are doing their performance awards and I really miss them! So, I've decided to post a few pictures taken just before I left (with no names or schools etc, so no stalking them ok??)

we're looking particularly glamorous here, straight after class ;)

Anyway, so sending lots of love to ALL the girls dancing today!!!

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