Friday, 14 June 2013

13 June - promise

The day was spent, again, mostly working on my TEFL course. The first 60 hours comprises 13 modules - 8 down, 5 to go! I've been pleasantly surprised by the feedback on written assignments which is really fast and helpful! 

It was a cold and rather miserable day, but eventually I was forced out of the house when we ran out of toilet paper (and various other things, but those I could put off ;) ). I waited for the rain to clear a bit and then headed off. I had a trolley this time (found my plastic disc thing!), but I knew that my bicycle basket is small, so I decided I would buy what I need, and buy loose toilet rolls because they'd fit better. After loading up the trolley I eventually got to the toilet paper, and realised that, in the spirit of wennschon dennschon, they don't sell rolls loose but only in packs of 8 or 9. With little other choice at the time, I put a pack of 8 in my trolley. When it came to loading up, there was no way the pack would fit anywhere on my bike, and the only solution was to put it in the bag I'd brought. It just fit, and then when the bag was over my shoulder it could just fit under my arm, though I couldn't move my arm much. It was the most awkward ride home... 

Malcolm came home from the CDC and I enjoy hearing how his day was, though they're mostly the same. It was cold and miserable so there was no way we were going to go out, but rather spent time after supper planning our weekend. If the weather on Saturday is good, we'll cycle out about 14km to a lake and see the countryside a bit, but we'll see! We're also hoping to travel a bit further... with the french rail company Thalys it will cost us 140 euros to get to Paris and back! Don't know when next it will be this easy to get there, as when we're in Marburg we'd have to connect to another main station where here we have one a few minutes away, so we're hoping to go some time for the weekend, if Malcolm can miss lessons on a Friday and Monday ;) 

We're really so, so fortunate to be here, and I'm enjoying it so much. I do miss everybody so much though, more than I've ever alluded to here, and it does get lonely when Malcolm is away. Hoping to start tutoring or something here just to get to talk to people! The girls I taught are dancing their American Academy Performance awards on Saturday, and I heard they're doing well, but I so wish I could be there to help, hug my kiddies, see them dance... really feels like I should be there. 

Anyway, despite feeling a little lonely and lost yesterday, the sun came out at about 9:30, along with a rainbow, and I was reminded how much God loves us, and that He won't abandon us - not ever. 

the view from our kitchen window

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