Thursday, 13 June 2013

12 June - nose to the grindstone

So I finally started my TEFL course! I'm doing it through I-to-I, which a friend recommended. I know that it isn't as widely accredited as other courses, but then it's also not as expensive! Also, being a qualified teacher already I really am just doing this to learn how to teach English because I haven't a clue where to start! Anyway, so I spent the whole day working on the course (it's 120 hours in total) and it's going quite well so far :)
Malcolm had a good day at the CDC and wrote a test which he got 100% for! Woohoo! He's being very diligent and working hard and I'm so proud of him :D He also brought some chocolate home for me - his teacher gives them sweets (which makes Malcolm feel a little less adult, but sweets are cool anyway!) and had brought dark chocolate which the rest of the class didn't like, so Malcolm got the rest for me :D
Malcolm's way of helping me study :D
The weather was really miserable, so although I did laundry, I didn't go out and when Malcolm got home we just stayed in and watched TV and checked stuff online - planning holidays we may or may not go on!


  1. Chocolate is good - he could always give gold stars on the forehead!? Happy studying.

  2. The chocolate, sadly, did not last very long...