Tuesday, 11 June 2013

10 June - making hay while the sun shines

The day started out rather dreary, and Malcolm went to the CDC. I did some weekly grocery shopping, while turned out less "weekly" than I'd anticipated because I couldn't find the little plastic disc and I didn't have a 50c or 1euro coin to release a trolley, so I could buy only what I could carry in my arms, with eggs balancing on top!
I finally figured out where the post office is - located within another shop, so I could send granny a postcard that I'd promised!
In the evening, Malcolm and I went cycling in the forest... we got a bit more adventurous and took smaller paths, which got us slightly disoriented but not lost ;) Along the way we found some kind of tree house construction, and finally came out into a clearing where hay is being made... the tractor was out, as was the sun, and it was really beautiful.

Sorry about the poor quality photos... I only had my phone on me! :)

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