Monday, 10 June 2013

09 June - Lazy Sunday

Yesterday we decided to go find a church. We've searched online and found some that we'll still go and visit, but we decided to start locally and went to the local evangelical church down the road. Nobody really said anything to us, even though there were probably only 50 people and I'm sure we stood out as newbies. It was alright, but everything was in German and they didn't have a print out of the liturgy so we couldn't really participate much. After the service we went home, very much missing the brightly coloured "crew" t-shirts, the smiley welcoming-team, the lively worship, and the spontaneity of meetings that we were so used to at NCF. Really missing our family there!!
The church was polite, but it seems very difficult to make friends here, where people don't acknowledge each other on the trains or buses, passing in the street, in the grocery store... people look confused when I smile at them or say hullo as I pass them in the street- but I shall not be deterred!
Next week we'll probably go to an International Baptist church, we'll need to catch a train to get there but I think it will be worth it because it's English and we'll understand a bit more... and hopefully make friends! :)

The rest of the day we spent relaxing, watching TV, reading a lego comic book, cycling and sorting out paper-work for the coming week :) I also baked some sugar-cookies, which ended up tasting like scones...?

Last Friday Malcolm's teacher took them for a tour of the area... Here are some photos :)
The coat of Arms of Cologne. The 3 crowns represent the 3 wise men,
while the 11 tears represent St. Ursula and the 11000 maidens that,
according to legend, were martyred by Attila the Hun in Cologne
in about 383. 

The old city walls, dating back to 1180!

The man in the foreground here is Malcolm's teacher,
Andreas something. So far Malcolm has discovered
that Andreas speaks German, English, Russian, French, and
Arabic - which he needed to use to explain things to students
whose first language isn't English. 

this is the view from the tutorial room where Malcolm
studies. In the distance you can see the cathedral. 

I hope you all have a great week ahead!!! 

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