Saturday, 8 June 2013

07 June - In amazement

Yesterday I was utterly amazed at two things.

Firstly, how the famous Black forest cake was ever invented here?! None of my baking seems to be working, it doesn't seem right that such a famous cake originates from where I am, though clearly not my kitchen.
You see, I tried my hand at pancakes... which resulted in scrambled pancakes.

 Having watched the food channel though, I put it in a wine glass, served it with honey, and it turned out okay. The rest I just baked... and it turned out like a cake! More so than my last attempt!!

Amazing thing number 2: The Cathedral
In the evening we went with Wolfgang and Ellen to the cathedral to see a light display. I've seen the cathedral  in postcards and online, but standing underneath it was just incredible. It took hundreds of years to build, and I can appreciate why. It's huge. And intricate and ornate and just amazing. We felt so so SO privileged to be there and see it in person.

The queue to get inside was really long so instead of standing there for hours with the possibility of not getting in anyway, we wandered around the area. There was a band playing, all to do with the Eucheristiche Kongress which is happening at the moment. Unfortunately the video won't upload, but the atmosphere was awesome, it was like NCF in German ;)

Wolfgang and Ellen were excellent tour guides and we followed them to a square, still bustling with people out on a Friday night enjoying the summer :)

We also saw a monument about a fairytale, the townhall, and some old houses surviving the war.

We finished off on the Rhein, which is really high at the moment (a tiny affect in comparison to the rest of Germany!) and then headed to the cathedral for the light show. It was full, so we watched the streaming onto the screen outside. Most of the effect was lost though, and the fancy lights illuminating the Cathedral interior looked much like graffiti. We stayed for a few minutes and then decided to go home. On the way, Wolfgang and Ellen took us to a beer garden where we had our first taste of German beer, a specialty of Koeln, Koelch! Prost!

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