Friday, 7 June 2013

06 June - Making the most of the Sunshine

I can hardly believe that yesterday was a week since we left PMB?!? It seems that Summer has finally arrived here, and the sun came out for the whole day! After spending the morning working on my CV, I went out at midday and cycled what I worked out on Google maps to be about 3km, out of Dunnwald to the next little village. Along the way I passed some paddocks and a stall selling strawberries and cherries... it was a lovely outing! I realise how weak my arms are when they get tired before my legs do (does that even make sense when cycling??), but I'm really enjoying being out and getting fresh air :) I then stopped at the bakery to buy some fresh bread for supper, then spent the afternoon at home. Wolfgang, suggested I go for a swim in their pool, but it still seems too cold for that!

the view from our veranda 

the flowers in the flower box are so bright! 
Malcolm had a good day at the Carl Duisberg Centre (CDC) where his German is coming along SO quickly- he surprises me with random words he picks up. They had to sing songs about "ich bin ein auslander und ich spreche nicht gut deutch", which he then got stuck in my head! After his lectures he needed to find the university to get the marriage certificate translated. Here he learnt 3 things:
1) how trams are affected when there's an accident on the road, and how to find an alternative route
2) that here, when the sun comes out on the university campus, one can find girls in bikinis lying all over the place.
3) where on UKZN PMB campus they hand out free Tuk Biscuits, here they hand out free beer.
They did him a favour and translated the certificate on the same day, where he would have had to wait til next wednesday, so he wandered off and sat in one of the many cafes and did some homework while he waited.

I wasn't sure what time he would get home, but guessed at about 6. However, it was such a beautiful day that I decided to walk to the bus-stop and just wait there for him. He surprised me by getting off the bus that arrived as I got there!

the traffic circle on the way to the busstop

The bus-stop where Malcolm leaves from and arrives at... it's only about 100m away.

A happy Malcolm! 
We decided to go for a picnic for supper, so I made some sandwiches and packed some juice, and off we rode into the forest! We took a different route, and marveled at how easy it must be to get lost in the forest where all the trees look so similar and the land is so flat. Fortunately, the paths running through Dunnwald seem to be almost grid-iron and so it's easier to navigate (so no Hansel and Gretel situations hopefully!!). We stopped and sat on some logs perfect for picnic-ing and had our supper there.

While we were there, some people walking with dogs stopped by and their dogs were very friendly :) One lady stopped to chat, and asked if we are from Spain...? When I said that we're from SA, she surprised us by telling us that she lived there for a few years, in Cowies Hill. What a small world! People here seem to like SA... the waitress at the coffee shop Malcolm went to was very interested by it, and there are often documentaries about SA on TV!
Also while we were picnic-ing, some people with horses rode past!

In the evening we planned what we'd like to do while here... so far we want to go into the city and see the cathedral, the Rhine park, the bridge with love-locks, and Schildergasse Strasse (the busiest pedestrian street in the world!!). We also want to go to the zoo, and to the chocolate museum (though we'll wait for my birthday because then I get in free :D). Another day, we would like to cycle out to a lake a few kms away. 
Any Suggestions? 

Thanks so much for staying in touch by reading our blog, it's nice to be able to share what we're up to :) 

Today was really a wonderful day... only Wolfgang's bicycle, hanging from the ceiling for some reason, doesn't seem to have enjoyed it!? 


  1. That picnic reminds me of our picnics in the Bot Gardens. Rolls, Cheese and juice! Happy times

  2. Love reading your posts ...hope I get to see all the amazing things you talk about...sounds like such an amazing experience!

  3. It was a good picnic! Except with the juice in a glass bottle it may have looked like wine... maybe that's why we were asked if we're Spanish, maybe Spanish people sit in forests drinking wine...?