Thursday, 6 June 2013

05 June - House-wife-ing

Yesterday I was just too tired to post, and I've decided to change my blogging-routine just a bit and rather update in the morning so that the evening I can spend time with Malcolm :)

So yesterday, besides lots of ironing (after having clothes stuffed in a bag to get here!) I needed to do laundry - simple task? Ha! I cycled into town to buy washing powder and spent ages trying to figure out the difference between two bags: it turns out that they have one type for white clothes and another type for colours. I couldn't figure out if one would damage the other so I stopped a man walking past for help... he wasn't too sure but said that on the packet there was nothing to indicate it would bleach colours or anything but I shouldn't take his word for it. With no other choice, I took his word and bought the packet for colours and will see what it does to our whites tomorrow ;)

Although the man was willing to help, I'm getting so frustrated with how difficult everything is for me to figure out here; it is an adventure and it's fun discovering things, but also frustrating when something that I found so simple in SA is a huge task here (buying washing powder, a simcard, finding the postoffice, writing my CV in the German format, etc). And then there's the looking for a job... I can't be employed until we've registered where we live, we can't do that until our marriage certificate is translated. In PMB I would have just stuck up posters to advertise lessons but here I don't know if it's allowed...? (And they don't have Prestick!) :)
But anyway, God has brought Malcolm and I both here for a purpose, and I'm sure mine will come to light sooner or later, and I have faith that it's going to be in line with the talents and abilities He's given me.

Malcolm also had a long day - His teacher speaks only German to them which is great, but it does mean Malcolm has to concentrate really hard the whole time to follow. He's also been trying to find a place to translate our marriage certificate (apparently the University is best), while also trying to figure out the registration process for his doctorate because he found out yesterday that his funders require him to be registered by the 15th! In the info they sent it said he's got the whole year to do so, so we're not sure what's going on. Just when we think the hoop-jumping is over, another hoop! ;) His supervisor in Marburg seems great though, he invited us to go with his research team this Friday and then to the Netherlands somewhere to go camping for the weekend! Unfortunately we can't because Malcolm's language class attendance is mandatory and he already needs to skip a couple days to register etc. I'm sure similar opportunities will arise again though :)

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